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WFCSA FC is the brainchild of Nick Courtnadge, a home-and-away supporter and member of the Supporters' Association. The idea arose at the end of 2003, and after a handful of training sessions, some dates were arranged for friendly matches against fellow Supporters' teams and other local sides.

The team have entered the Worthing & Horsham Sunday League for the 2004-2005 season and will play in Division Four:

  • FC Phoenix (Home pitch: Hillbarn Centre)
  • Real Toad (Unknown)
  • Taulke Finance 3rds (Hillbarn North)
  • Mastic Athletic (Rusper)
  • Worthing Domino's (Unknown)
  • WFCSAFC (Pond Lane - As The Lamb is our local pub any postponed home games mean a few beers in there!)
  • Quality Seconds FC (Palatine South West)
  • Locomotive Lancing (Croshaw Rec, Lancing)
  • Ferring Park (Ferring FC)
  • Coot Select (Horsham park 3)

We also have a Div 4 cup and League cup. No county competitions as thecost is too high.

Pitch costs £43 per game, ref roughly £20, bit more as 20p a mile expenses. Minimum subs will be £3 a week - all will pay who have played, no unused subs will pay.

Match Reports:

(All reports courtesy of WFCSAFC Player Manager Nick Courtnage)



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