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This site isn't intended to be a serious look at Worthing Football Club, so if you're looking for news, reports, pictures and stats, please go to the Club's excellent Official Website.

What we do hope to bring you is a more off-the-wall, sideways look at life on the Woodside terraces (and some away grounds too!). We can't promise you regular updates or match reports - instead we'll do our best to offer you what we can bothered to do, and it's up to you what you do with it.

We do have some plans for material, but frankly, we all have lives away from our PCs, so it may take a while, but please bear with us.

Any kind of attempt at humour is always a wee bit dodgy, and we can't claim to offer any universal appeal, so apologies if anyone is offended by anything. We hope to have a feedback form in place shortly to help highlight any concerns anyone may have, but for now, please post on the Forum.

This site has no official connection to WFC, and is maintained by regular supporters, so please be gentle with us!


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