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UPDATED Saturday 2nd July 2005 (at last!)

Yes, yes, I know... it's been a while.

Anyways, here is a mini-update comprising stuff people have sent me. If you want the site to be updated more often, why not send me stuff as well? All new for 2005 are:

Fixtures should be out in a few weeks, and who knows, we may be able to sober the Horseman up enough to do another preview? In the meantime, content yourselves with the news that this season's FA Cup embarrassing exit will be at the expense of one of our neighbours: Arundel and Wick will face-off for the honour of entertaining us in our first match.

Remember to keep up to date with our Worthing Herald-unfriendly forum, and we'll see you again in a year or two!

NOT UPDATED for quite a while! (Aug 2004 - July 2005)

We are still here, honest! It's just that life has been pretty busy of late, and updates have been very thin on the ground.

Don't fret - we will get some new material on here sometime, and when we do, we'll publicise it on the forum (which is the only "fresh" part of the site at the moment).

UPDATED Tuesday 10th August 2004

Is it that time already? Good job we can bring everything bang up-to-date with our review of last season, and how apt that it falls on the day of our last pre-season friendly! Relive the 4-0 highs and the dropped points lows of March, before reminiscing on how close we came to a double in the final review of April & May.

Remember to whet your appetite for the new season with the Horseman's preview. We hope to bring the usual mix of late and irreverent (or is that irrelevant?) reviews, and other rubbish we can churn out in the name of site updates! Remember that the real place for real news is the real site, but you can also keep up-to-date with the shady denizens of Woodside Road on the unofficial forum (which is categorically not sponsored by the Herald!).


UPDATED Saturday 17th July 2004

Another two month's reviews from Ian are now online for your viewing pleasure... read all about January's successes and February's near-misses.

WFCSA FC are starting to gear up for their debut season - see their page for details of who they will face, and see the new Profiles page to find out exactly what Nick "the hair" Courtnadge thinks of his players.

The Forum is also getting a little more lively now the pre-season is underway, and is always the best place to get WFCSAFC gossip (as the manager is often too lazy to send the stuff to me!). We won't be dealing with fixture lists and details of friendlies and other such factual information - you'll be needing the real site for that gubbins!


UPDATED Sunday 27th June 2004

Cheer yourself up and soften the blow of Euro 2004 elimination* by reading this special double-update. Okay, it's all "old news", but thanks to Ian we can bring you a whole four months worth of last season in bite-sized chunks. September, October, November and December are all now all online for your reading pleasure.

*Trust me - it gets easier! I've been coping with the pain since last November, when I personally witnessed six goals fly past a startled defence in Amsterdam.


UPDATED Wednesday 9th June 2004

Some new stuff, some old stuff, and some retrospective stuff... there's an off-the-wall critique of the Rebels' singing talents by someone called "Tarquin Stardust" here, three different Stats overviews, and the first episode of Ian's review of the season, starting with August.

We'll be bringing sporadic updates throughout the summer, but remember to check the Forum and the Official Site for the latest scurilous gossip and real news.


UPDATED Thursday 20th May 2004

Okay, it's been a while, but I've been busy! Non-stop travelling has put paid to any updates for a while, however we can now bring you the Slough report (remember that - it was almost a month ago!), and, in a World Exclusive (!!!), the return of the one and only Flying Horseman with a 2004-05 Preview, that's sure to offend plenty of our fellow fans around the league.

Anyway, in case people don't know, we finished second after beating Ashford 2-1, and lost the Senior Cup 2-0 to Brighton. I say that, as for some unknown reason, the reports have yet to materialise for those games. Bear in mind the Slough report was written before these games took place, as well!

B*ggered if we know when there'll next be an update, but watch this space, and the Forum, for details. At the latest, we'll be back next season!

STOP PRESS (Thurs 20th May, but later!): Amazing what a spot of emotional blackmail can do?! Ian's come up with the goods, and we can now bring you Match Reports from the Ashford game and the Senior Cup Final. This is particularly handy for me, as I was in the USA for both...


UPDATED Sun 25th April 2004

Many thanks to Ian for getting his report to me this weekend in record time - read about the day the Rebels secured promotion here. Err, that's me for the season now, I'm afraid! The reports will go on, but the site won't be updated until after the Senior Cup Final - so best of luck to the lads, and I hope everyone lucky enough to go has a great day out. And fear not, I may be on the other side of the Atlantic, but I'll be kept abreast of all the scores!


UPDATED Wed 21st April 2004

The highs and the lows have been brought into sharp focus this week on the back of two poor performances - the win against Leatherhead and the embarrassing surrender at home to Lewes. Both match reports are now online for you to relive the moment.


UPDATED Wed 14th April 2004

Well, a funny Easter. Despite only securing 2 points out of 6 on offer, we still find ourselves with our destiny in our own hands. Read about how we scraped a draw against nine men at home to Walton, then came from behind at Lewes, only to miss a last-minute penalty to end up with the same result (sorry to have spolied the ending there!).

Nothing else for at least a week - so keep 'em peeled on the Forum for now.


UPDATED Wed 7th April 2004

Another short burst of an update, but we bring you not one, but two, match reports to drool over. Check out the post-mortem of the Banstead draw, and hot off the press, read about our fortuitous victory at Horsham last night.

We're at home to Walton on Saturday, but this is but an hors d'oeuvre ahead of Monday's banquet away at Lewes. Get in the mood for the game by checking out our Rivals page. Don't expect any updates until after that game.


UPDATED Mon 29th March 2004

Last update for a short while, as I'm off on International duty! Keep your eyes peeled on the Forum for any news and views, and remember to play nicely!

In the meantime, check out Ian's excellent report from Saturday's win at home to Tooting.


UPDATED Wed 24th March 2004

Hot off the press, here's the match report from last night's win at home to Bracknell.

The frequency of these updates might calm down a wee bit soon, as I have got a life to live, however if you've anything you want publishing, please let us know (you can contact us using our shiny new contact form).


UPDATED Sat 20th March 2004

Unfortunately, our resident stat-mongerer is having a day off today, so no match report will be forthcoming from Corinthia (I did warn you not to get too attached!). Anyway, all is not lost...

  • The final three Horseman articles have been tracked down to the depths of a PC in a Ford warehouse
  • We also have a way for you mere mortals to communicate with us here at Rebel Rebels High Command, with our lovely new Contact Form. Go on, you know you want to...


UPDATED Wed 17th March 2004

So, into the Sussex Senior Cup final we go! Well, we did have a bit of an easy run to the semi-finals after all - we can bring you:

  • a match report from last night
  • a new page with some songs to learn and sing, because, let's face it, on last night's performance, plenty of you need some help with the words!
  • another new section dedicated to ridiculing our rivals - read about Horsham, Lewes, and our arch-rivals Bognor Regis Town (remember them?)

Keep abreat with anything you may have missed by checking the Updates page.


UPDATED Mon 15th March 2004

Two updates in two days! This is becoming a bit of a habit...

  • A Match Report from Saturday's 4-0 win over Marlow is now available
  • And no new material (ahem, Nick!), but the WFCFSA FC section has been re-jigged to give each report a bit of space.

And in case you missed yesterday's action (and can't be bothered to look at the Updates page), don't forget the extra Cup Runs article and the The Flying Horseman rants that were added.


UPDATED Sun 14th March 2004

Some more reading material to keep you amused:

  • Another addition to the Articles page from last season's programme - "When cup runs were cup runs"
  • We've also got hold of no less than 18 articles from The Flying Horseman, taking a sideways look at life on the road with the Rebels last season.

We hope to bring you another update shortly, with the rest of the Horseman articles and a guide to Woodside Road.


UPDATED Wed 10th March 2004

Feast your eyes on even more content:

  • Alternative Pen Pictures - what you didn't know about our players
  • Match Reports - at the risk of this turning into a habit, and thanks to Ian, we can bring you reports for the Croydon Athletic and Epsom draws.


UPDATED Sat 6th March 2004

We've tidied up the links a little, and added some pages:

  • Site Updates - this saves the front page getting too clogged up with this sort of thing
  • This Site - A very brief explanation of where we're at, and where we might be going


UPDATED Wed 3rd March 2004

A new addition is alternative Match Analysis, from a slightly more sideways perspective than the norm - check out the Rebel Reports here.


UPDATED Sun 29th Feb 2004

We've added some old programme articles to the site, for a bit of light reading, along with another WFCSAFC report. We're currently in negotiations with the shadowy figure behind last seasons' "Horseman" articles as well - so watch this space...


SITE LAUNCHED Sat 7th Feb 2004

One thing we can boast from the "off" is an unofficial Forum. We hope that this won't be beset by the problems that plagued the once-excellent official forum (seized for propaganda purposes, then killed off by threats of legal action from someone who really should know better!). Let us know what you think (how? By posting on the Forum, of course!).


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