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A Friendly Ghost An unhappy prophylactic A combination of the two


Helen (NATA/Loony Alba) (Thanks to Bruce)
From Bruce: "Errrr... not sure how to put this, but has the England defeat sent Helen a bit off the rails and led her to start dabbling in goth-softp*rn as an emotional outlet?" (yes, I had to crop one of these pics!)
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Scott Kelly (Loony Alba) (Thanks to Micky Ross)

A hangdog Loony Alba committee member Claude Le Roy
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Craig McDowall (Loony Alba)

Craig McD Freddie Shepperd
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Simon Kellas (Loony Alba)

Dundee comedian Simon Kellas Brummie comedian Frank Skinner
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Chris Houston (Loony Alba)

Chris Houston "Party Liaison" Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds
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Stevie Imlach (Loony Alba)

He was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar That much was true
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Chris Norton (Notts Scots)

Hawkeye Ranoo Chris Norton
Professional police imitator, Chris N Sir Ian Blair of the Met
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Lawrie from Japan/Dundee

James McFaden Lawrie from Dundee
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Maurice fae Forres (MENTA) (Courtesy of Ally)

Mo fae Fo gets worked up Rob Halford of Judas Priest
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Jim Brown (WESTA)

Jim Brown Jim Brown Jim Brown Spit the dog
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Deano (brother of NATA's Wee Man)

A hunk-ah hunk-ah burnin' love He ain't nothing but a hound dog
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Guido Buchwald

Urawa Red Diamonds' manager Guido Stuttgart and Germany hero Buchwald
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Eddie The Eagle

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards Pete from Chesterfield on holiday
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Star Trek Transporters

The transporter room from Star Trek The urinals in Tokyo's Asahi beer hall
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Mad Icelandic babe Björk Sane Austrian babe Alex
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