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Tom Small / aka "Battlebus Commander" (MENTA) - thanks to denhaagdavid  
Tom Small? Tom Small? Tom Small?
Trevor Horn of "Buggles" fame The Battlebus Commander himself Some random nutter, found by DHD
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Paul (NATA) - thanks to denhaagdavid and Machar
Paul? Paul? Paul?
Two random fat men in provocative poses, and NATA's own champion pie eater
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Paul? Paul?
Churchill the nodding dog Paul
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Reeky Sporran (Sporran Legion) - thanks to denhaagdavid
Reeky? Reeky?
And yet another from DHD's seemingly endless list of TA Lookalikes.
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Machar Smith (Loony Alba) - thanks to someone I've forgotten!
Machar? Machar?
Intrepid TA adventurer, Machar Smith Intrepid BBC survival expert, Ray Mears
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Will Fae Swindon (Swindon TA)
Will? Will?
Will fae Swindon Toadfish fae Erinsborough
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Gav Bhunnoo (Loony Alba)
Gav? Gav?
Glaikit looking Loony Alber, Gav Glaikit looking snooker champion, Mark Williams
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Bruce (Loony Alba)
Bruce? Bruce? Bruce? Bruce?
Bruce in Spain Bono in shades Bruce McClair Brian Cairns
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Anatoly (Moldovan TA)
Anatoly? Anatoly?
Press Gang and Lock, Stock actor Dexter Fletcher Anatoly from Chisinau
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Bert? Bert?
Bert Morrissey
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Craig McDowall (Loony Alba)
Craig? Craig?
Craig strums his instrument "Bouzouki Tombico"
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Cafe Kito Waitresses (Moldova)
Waitress? Waitress? Waitress?
Anything can happen in the next half-hour Well, she's not quite Britney... ... but she is
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David Seaman
Seamen? Seamen?
A Moldovan wine cellar sculpture An equally immobile ex-England goalkeeper
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Marky Adams (WESTA)
Marky? Marky?
Marky Adams, yesterday Anyone for Pimms?
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Ayahuaska Barmaid (Valencia)
Barmaid? Barmaid?
Mandy Richardson from Hollyoaks A barmaid in a Valencia Red Indian theme pub
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Kevin "Disco Keith" Donnelly - thanks to denhaagdavid

Keith? Keith?
Dour Scottish actor, Ken Stott Dour Scottish supporter, Kevin Donnelly
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Brian Chambers / "Gavin"
Brian or Gavin? Gavin or Brian?
Gavin in Chisinau Munich/Worthing/Barcelona Brian
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