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We wouldn't normally victimise / honour someone with a page all of their own, but when you see what Campbell has been growing on his face (that he unveiled at the Italy home game), then everything becomes clear...

We also look at back at some of his older Look-alikes, when he still looked semi-normal.

One Man, Many Faces  

Three recent faces of Campbell - take a look below to see just some of the comparisons that have been drawn!


Flash Gordon's nemesis,
Emperor Ming The Merciless
Friend of the Hendersons, Bigfoot The missing ZZ Top triplet


A demented Gremlin An ewok A "genetically modified" gnome
A brillo pad Streetfighter 2's Zangief Yosemite Sam
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Russian historical figures

V.I. Lenin Rasputin Leon Trotsky Felix Dzerzhinsky Campbellych Burtonsky
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Billy Connolly

The Big Yin The Weird Yin
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Hollywood Actor Brian Cox

Famous Scottish supporting actor Brian Cox Famous Scotland supporter Campbell Burton
Possibly the only time it's ever been said Campbell has "film star looks"!
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Bovver Boys: Dick Emery / Bruce Cairns (originally on Look-alikes 4 & 6)

Original "Bovver Boy" Dick Emery The new Gaylord? A young pretender
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Groove The Tweeny (originally on Look-alikes 4)

A fluffy figure of fun with a daft fringe A fluffy figure of fun with a daft fringe
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A Car Salesman (added to Look-alikes 11)
A smooth-talking, slickly dressed professional A car salesman
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A Panda (added to Look-alikes 11)
A cuddly creature that sits around eating and sleeping all day and has trouble getting it up A panda
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Vic Mackey from the Shield (added to Look-alikes 16)
The Shield The Shattered
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