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Bruce Cairns (Loony Alba)  
Only one photo required - the "Bruise Brothers" Campbell "Two Flights" Burton Bruce "Two Flights & No Hotel" Cairns
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Craig McDowall (Loony Alba)

Craig warms up to try for the Gurning championship, in Estonia (left) and at St Andrews Night (right). In the middle is what he has to live up to.
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An eccentric looking Scotland supporter in Moldova An eccentric looking 11th Century wizard
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Danny Baker

Highlands and Islands TA regular Robert Radio and television personality and Daz promoter Danny Baker
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Helen (NATA/Loony Alba)

Helen, after her latest hair-do Czech midfield star, Pavel Nedved
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Danny Goodwin (WESTA)

Virgin Radio's Jono Coleman WESTA's Danny Goodwin
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Sarah O

Scotsport's Sarah O An unidentified scouser at the Loony Alba St Andrews do
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Tam & Jane - Incredibles Special (thanks to Ally Maciver)

Tam McTurk (with ginger dye) Syndrome Jane Elastigirl
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Jim Brown (WESTA)

"Hi-di-hi, campers!" - the legendary Paul Shane Jim Brown
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Rich (NATA)

An alien invader from Mars Attacks A slightly perturbed looking Rich
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Gav Bhunnoo (Loony Alba)

Gav Droopy Gav Emperor Palatine
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Tevo (Loony Alba)

Craig - a cowboy Lyle, one of the chain gang in Blazing Saddles

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