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Kevin Donnelly (Loony Alba)  
A grumpy bitter and twisted muppet Statler
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Ally Ewan
The dictatorial boss from The Incredibles Ally Ewan
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Alan Duncan & Taffy (Thanks to Machar)

Max Alan & Taffy's Road to Nowhere Paddy
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Clarkston Chris (NATA)

A small, squeaky wooden man with a hand up his backside Famous music-hall ventriloquist's dummy, Lord Charles
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Chris Gibb

Chris Gibb at Loony Alba's St Andrews Night Christian Dailly on the bevvy in The Shed
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Willie Miller

Willie Miller A Moldovan jakey
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Drew Lilley

Drew Lilley Bobby Davro
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Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor, seen in a Belarussian bar A women working in a dive of a pub in the Wild East
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Helen (NATA)

Scrubs' Doctor Elliott


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Jim Brown (WESTA)

One of "The Management" Gareth Hale
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Joe from Sunderland/Dundee

Jean Paul Gaultier Peter Reid Jack Palance Joe
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Janet Street Porter

A llama seen at Munich zoo Janet Street Porter
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Captain Vodka (Loony Alba)

Loony Alba Chairman, Captain Vodka Billy Bragg
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Rich (NATA)

Luis Figo lets his hair down Rich in red
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Scott Kelly (Loony Alba) - thanks to Craig & Kev


Scott Kelly in stitches

Andy Cameron in the pub

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Simon Kellas (Loony Alba)

A crowd of rampaging zombies (from Shaun of the Dead) One that got away
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Tam Cowan

Scottish meeja personality Tam Cowan (bottom centre) Some Polish geezer on the cover a magazine with The Queen, The Pope and Dubya
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Ali Martin (Loony Alba) - thanks to Paul Smith

Slade reunion, 2005-style Slade the first time around
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