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Paul (NATA)  
Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy.

Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye.

He’s got style, a groovy style, and a car that just won’t stop.
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Take Paul squeezed into a spray on t-shirt   Add a pair of Bruce's famous hot pants   And volia, the only gay in the village

Helen (NATA)

A precocious young lady with a golden ticket Violet Beauregard from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
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Campbell (Notts Scots)

A smooth-talking, slickly dressed professional A car salesman
(thanks to Bruce)
A cuddly creature that sits around eating and sleeping all day and has trouble getting it up A panda
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Didier Deschamps Drew Lilley - fluent in French too
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Tam Coyle (WESTA)

A battered and bruised showbiz professional who has possibly failed to truly realise his own potential and has to settle for a string of support roles Acclaimed Scottish actor Brian Cox
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Stevie Imlach (Loony Alba)

A devious womaniser Coronation Street's Terry Duckworth
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Jim Fae Kirkcaldy (KTA) - thanks to Steamin' Sombrero (from TAMB)

Jim, from Kirkcaldy Bono, from Dublin
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Shambles (WESTA)

Oliver the Fortuna fan from Frankfurt Shambles the Partick fan from Glasgow
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Reeky Sporran (Sporran Legion)

Reeky Sporran

Some guy from the Tokyo subway adverts

Reeky when he still had 100% hair (down to 75% these days, allegedly)
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Windswept Tartan Army traveller, Geebsie

Kiki from Frankfurt, wearing comedy eyebrows

Geebsie scrubs up for a posh dinner
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Japanese Roadworks Sign

Camp automated roadworks fun in Tokyo Where they got the idea from
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George The Greek

A childish figure of ridicule Pob
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The Chuckle Brothers

The North-East's finest, The Chuckle Brothers Their Austrian Chuckle Cousin
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Nicole from Hollyoaks

Sultry Hollyoaks schoolgirl, Nicole Owen
(thanks to Cammy the Ref)
An enthusiastic nubile Japanese fan
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Kenny Rogers

The Gambler The Coward of the County
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Louis Theroux

Does he look like Louis Theroux? Stefan from Frankfurt thinks about it
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Lothar Matthäus

Uncle Lothar Uncle Olaf
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