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Campbell Burton (Notts Scots)

Campbell with hair Dick Emery without Campbell with a fringe A drunken Tweeny
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Scott Forman (ex-Notts Scots)

A monster from the deep A monster from the deep A monster from the deep
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Chris Norton (Notts Scots)

PC Jim Carver Un-PC Chris Norton
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Innocent Bystanders



The lovely Martina from Croatia

Steph from Neighbours The flawless Martina Snow White
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A mature, yet alluring Danish fan

A Danish fan Alice from the Vicar of Dibley
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The Fat Controller

The Fat Controller A Belgian pub landlord
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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck A Belgian fan in Prague
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Parker from Thunderbirds

Parker from Thunderbirds A Faroese drunk
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Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane A Polish drunk
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Right Said Fred

They're too sexy for their hair Two Polish skinheads
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Bagpuss (for Steff's benefit)

Garfield Bagpuss
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Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quattro Maria (in her younger days!)
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Don Hutchison

Don Hutchison The barman in Molly Malone's, Prague
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Ali G's mate, Borat A drunken Pole
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Estonian Flag

The Estonian flag A liqurice allsort
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One of these is renowned for skimpy, revealing tops. The other is married to Ally. This guy brought his own lookalike with him (thanks to Brian) Sharing a shell (thanks to Brian)
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