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  TA Look-alikes 1 Look-alikes 1 - 11 members of the Netley Abbey Tartan Army in all their glory.  
  TA Lookalikes 2 Look-alikes 2 - 14 members of Loony Alba, with their living doubles.  
  TA Lookalikes 3 Look-alikes 3 - 15 faces from the Tartan Army at large.  
  TA Look-alikes 4 Look-alikes 4 - 3 members of the Notts Scots, 11 innocent by-standers, and a couple of one-offs.  
  TA Look-alikes 5 Look-alikes 5 - A total of 15 odds and ends, from the tried and trusted (Paul, Battlebus Commander) to the new and exciting.  
  Look-alikes 6 Look-alikes 6 - A mixed bag of 11 new look-alikes.  
  Look-alikes 7 Look-alikes 7 - 46 photos covering 16 "faces".  
  Look-alikes 8 Look-alikes 8 - 18 more people get the look-alike treatment.  
  Look-alikes 9 Look-alikes 9 - another 17 meet their matches!  
  Look-alikes 10 Look-alikes 10 - a Campbell Burton special - one man, so many faces!  
  Look-alikes 11 Look-alikes 11 - yet more look-alike fun with 17 victims  
  Look-alikes 12 Look-alikes 12 - 15 more look-alike cases, with almost half from Loony Alba  
  Look-alikes 13 Look-alikes 13 - 12 brand-new look-alikes, including a certain unpopular former manager  
  Look-alikes 14 Look-alikes 14 - 13 more look-alikes, some tried and trusted and some altogether new faces  
  Look-alikes 15 Look-alikes 15 - 12 look-alikes, including some random weird ones  
  Look-alikes 16 Look-alikes 16 - 13 more likenesses  
  Look-alikes 17 Look-alikes 17 - 12 new look-alikes covering the weird and the wonderful  
  Look-alikes Gallery ~18 Look-alikes 18 - Another 12 new-lookalikes  


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