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This isn't to show off... it's more so I can try and remember where I've been! I'll be adding to this list as and when, but never before I've been on a trip - I don't believe in tempting fate! Where there's diary accounts and photos (usually on NATA Online), links are provided.

There's also a map of Europe, showing the gaps, on the Where I've Been page

June 2009 Canada (Vancouver)

Flight 1
Flight 2

May 2009 Germany (Düsseldorf & Wuppertal) pics   guide
May 2009 Germany (Düsseldorf & Bonn) pics   guide
March 2009 Netherlands (Haarlem & Amsterdam) pics   guide
March 2009 Germany (Regensburg) pics   guide
February 2009 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
December 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
Oct/Nov 2008 Germany (Berlin) pics   guide
October 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
September 2008 Germany (Zwickau, Aue & Dresden) pics   guide
September 2008 Iceland (Reykjavik) pics diary  
September 2008 Macedonia (Skopje & Matka) pics diary  
August 2008 Germany (Burghausen & Unterhaching) pics   guide
July 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
June 2008 Czech Republic (Prague) pics   guide
May 2008 Czech Republic (Prague) pics   guide
May 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
May 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf, Neuss & Köln) pics   guide
April 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
April 2008 Belgium (Brussels) pics   guide
Feb/Mar 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
Feb 2008 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
December 2007 Germany (Dortmund, Essen & Düsseldorf)

pics 1
pics 2

Nov - Dec 2007 Germany (Wiesbaden, Frankfurt & Düsseldorf) pics   guide
November 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
October 2007 Georgia & Germany (Tbilisi & Munich) pics diary  
September 2007 Germany (Dresden & Magdeburg) pics   guide
September 2007 France (Paris) pics diary  
August 2007 Germany (Cottbus & Berlin) pics   guide
August 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf & Wuppertal) pics   guide
July 2007 Germany (Berlin) pics   guide
July 2007 Sweden (Stockholm) pics   guide
June 2007 Netherlands (Amsterdam pics   guide
June 2007 Faroe Islands (Torshavn & Toftir) pics diary guide
May-June 2007 Germany & Austria
(Hamburg/Kiel, Vienna & Düsseldorf)

Kiel pics

Vienna pics

Düs pics


Germany guide

Austria guide

May 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf & Leverkusen) pics   guide
April 2007 Germany (Berlin) pics   guide
April 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
March 2007 Italy (Bari) pics diary  
March 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
March 2007 Germany (Magdeburg) pics    
March 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
February 2007 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
January 2007 Spain (Barcelona) pics   guide
December 2006 - January 2007 Czech Republic (Prague) pics   guide
December 2006 Austria (Salzburg) pics   guide
December 2006 Germany (Dortmund, Ahlen & Köln) pics   guide
December 2006 Germany (Düsseldorf & Mönchengladbach) pics   guide
November 2006 Germany (Hamburg) pics   guide
November 2006 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
October 2006 Ukraine (Kyiv, Chernobyl, Pripyat) pics diary  
September 2006 Germany (Emden, Düsseldorf & Essen) pics   guide
September 2006 Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas & Trakai) pics diary guide
August 2006 Germany (Dresden & Leipzig) pics   guide
July 2006 Sweden (Stockholm) pics   guide
June 2006 Germany (Düsseldorf & Köln) pics diary guide
June 2006 Germany (Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf & Köln) pics diary guide
May 2006 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
May 2006 Japan (Kobe, Tokyo)


full pics

April 2006 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
February 2006 Germany (Hamburg) pics   guide
February 2006 Germany (Essen, Düsseldorf, Köln, Düsseldorf) pics   guide
January 2006 Czech Republic (Prague) pics   guide
December 2005 Germany (Köln & Osnabrück) pics   guide
November 2005 Belgium (Brussels) pics   guide
October 2005 Germany (Berlin) pics   guide
October 2005 Slovenia (Ljubljana & around) & Germany (Munich) pics diary Munich guide
September 2005 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
September 2005 Norway (Oslo) pics diary  
August 2005 Lithuania (Vilnius) pics   guide
August 2005 Czech Republic (Brno), Austria (Graz) & Slovakia (Bratislava) pics diary

Czech guide

Austria guide

Slovakia guide

July 2005 Germany (Munich), Austria (passing through Innsbruck & Bregenz) & Lichtenstein (Vaduz) pics   Munich guide
July 2005 France (Paris)      
June 2005 Germany (Köln & Hannover) pics   guide
June 2005 Latvia (Riga), Belarus (Minsk & Brest), Poland (Warsaw) pics diary  
May 2005 Belgium (Brussels)     guide
April/May 2005 Germany (Nürnberg) pics   guide
April 2005 Austria (Vienna & Mattersburg) pics diary guide
Mar 2005 Italy (Milan) pics diary  
Mar 2005 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
Feb 2005 Germany (Düsseldorf) pics   guide
Jan 2005 Czech Republic (Prague) pics   guide
Dec 2004 Germany (Frankfurt, Heidelberg & Stuttgart) pics diary guide
Nov 2004 Germany (Köln)     guide
Oct 2004 Moldova (Chisinau) & Hungary (Budapest)

Moldova pics

Budapest pics


Moldova guide

Budapest guide

August/Sept 2004 France (Strasbourg), Belgium (Brussels) & Spain (Valencia)

France pics

Belgium pics

Spain pics

July 2004 Austria (Innsbruck) photos   guide
June 2004 Germany (Munich)     guide
May 2004 Estonia (Parnu & Tallinn) & Finland (Helsinki - day trip) photos diary guide
April-May 2004 USA (Washington DC) photos   guide
April 2004 Denmark (Copenhagen) photos diary  
April 2004 Slovakia (Bratislava) photos   guide
January 2004 Czech Republic (Prague) photos diary guide
November 2003 Netherlands (Amsterdam) photos diary guide
October 2003 Romania (Bucharest & Translyvania) photos   guide
September 2003 Germany (Hamburg, Dortmund, Munich) photos diary guide
August 2003 Norway (Oslo) & Denmark (Copenhagen) photos diary  
July 2003 Belgium (Brussels)     guide
May 2003 Germany (Bremen)     guide
May 2003 Germany (Munich)     guide
April 2003 Hungary (Budapest)     guide
March 2003 Latvia (Riga) & Lithuania (Vilnius & Kaunas) photos diary guide
February 2003 Turkey (Istanbul & Antalya) photos diary guide
December 2002 Germany (Frankfurt-am-Main)     guide
December 2002 Germany (Mainz) photos diary guide
November 2002 Portugal (Porto & Braga) photos diary  
October 2002 Iceland (Reykjavik) photos diary  
September 2002 Faroe Islands (Torshavn, Toftir & Westmanna) photos diary guide
July 2002 Germany (Düsseldorf)     guide
July 2002 France (Lille)      
May 2002 South Korea (Seoul & Busan) & Hong Kong photos diary  
March 2002 France (Paris) photos diary  
November 2001 Czech Republic (Prague) photos diary guide
September 2001 Belgium (Brussels) photos diary guide
September 2001 Spain (Barcelona)     guide
April 2001 Poland (Gdansk, Byddoszcz, Wloclawek) photos diary guide
October 2000 Croatia (Zagreb & Samobor) photos diary guide
October 2000 Italy (Bologna & Rimini) & San Marino photos diary  
September 2000 Latvia (Riga & Jurmala) photos diary guide
May 2000 Ireland (Dublin) photos diary  
April 2000 Netherlands (Amsterdam & Arnhem) photos diary guide
September 1999 Estonia (Tallinn) photos diary guide
September 1999 Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo) photos diary guide
June 1999 Czech Republic (Prague & Teplice) photos diary guide
April 1999 Germany (Bremen) photos diary guide
September 1998 Lithuania (Vilnius) photos diary guide
June 1998 France (Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Lyon, St Etienne, Nantes & Marseille) photos diary  
September 1997 USA (Worcester MA, Boston MA & Mystic CT)      
February 1994 France (Cherbourg - day trip)      
September 1990 Spain (Blanes)      
November 1986 Spain (Barcelona)      
1984-1986 (ish) Spain (Alcudia, Majorca) - 3 visits      


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