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Photo Gallery: Czech Republic, June 1999

This seemed perfectly natural This all seemed perfectly natural at first - at Prague airport on arrival. Quick, the teacher's not looking! Clarkston Chris on the night we met him, inside the Lucerna's 80's disco.  This was ironic, as some of the clientele were only born in the mid-80's. He's sweating because he's worried that her teacher will catch him!
Standing outside the Letna Stadium Helen stands in the way of one of my ground-spotter snaps - this is the Letna (Sparta Prague's ground and the national stadium). Inside Eden "Eden" - the home of Slavia Prague.

Looking through the gates of Zizkov's ground This is Viktoria Zizkov's ground. Looking down on the Zizkov bar from the terrace And this is the bar inside Zizkov (the cheapest one we found in Prague, at around 18p a pint).

An unusual bar in Teplice In Teplice, on the way to the under-21s.  Just out of shot are two old boys eating soup and growling at us! So cold Inside Teplice's ground, watching the U-21s lose 3-2.  Just before we started huddling together for warmth!

During a half-hour stop-off in Usti Nad Lebum On the way back we had to change trains in Usti Nad Lebum, and visited this bar, where the waiter insisted in joining the photo! "Thats my favourite Scotland top, darling" Helen on the march from the Old Town Square up to the ground.

The 'Dinner Ladies' in front of us in the ground During the match, with 5 blokes in matching polyester dresses and pink caps in front of us. The Milngavie Tartan Army in the Football Bar The Milngavie Tartan Army, with Rich and Steve, inside the excellent Bar Football in the Old Town.


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