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Photo Gallery: The Netherlands, November 2003
Gallery 1

Gallery 1 (Mon & Tues) - Gallery 2 (Wed)

Monday 17th November 2003

First night in Amsterdam Helen and Craig relaxing in O'Reilly's First night in Amsterdam Helen and Munich Brian (from Worthing)
First night in Amsterdam Brian's sleeping friend, Helmut from Hanover First night in Amsterdam The bar off Rembrantsplein

Tuesday 18th November 2003

Donnelly in disguise Have you seen this man? The ticket queue The early queue for tickets
The ticket queue Close to opening time On the Arena tour Making our way around on the tour
On the Arena tour Rich getting all David Bailey On the Arena tour The curves of the Arena
On the Arena tour The big telly, behind the goal On the Arena tour Helen and Paul, dressed for the elements
On the Arena tour Paul and Rich, with Ally suiting himself in the foreground On the Arena tour The big air blowers trying to keep the pitch dry
On the Arena tour Looking down on those still queuing On the Arena tour And across to Ajax's training pitches
On the Arena tour Gathered in the police control room On the Arena tour Looking across to the pitch
On the Arena tour Checking out the monitors On the Arena tour Helen and Rich sitting attentively
On the Arena tour The press conference room On the Arena tour Ronald Koeman.  No, honestly...
On the Arena tour The campest footballers ever? On the Arena tour The tour party in the conference room
On the Arena tour Rich taking centre stage
On the Arena tour Inside the Ajax Museum On the Arena tour The European trophy collection
ams-040.jpg (54584 bytes) Some old kits On the Arena tour Look at the badge on that!
A happy shopper Norton in contemplative mood The Prestwick boys The Prestwick Tartan Army have landed
On our way across the concourse Making our way back to the Metro
Back in town Nieuwmarkt in the centre of town. Things are getting hazy Amsterdam kicking in
It's a sign (oh yes!) Outside the Jenever Tasting House of our dreams "No-one else want a drink?" Lining them up on the bar
Glowing after the jenever The usual suspects
On his head He's got a football brain, apparently Ally & Sooz Ally and Susan in Die Drie Fleisches
A mad, rich German A mad German giving us his own interpretation of Scotland The Brave Having a beer, Belgian style Inside the brilliant Cafe Belgique
Some random Norwegians A gaggle of Norwegians In the Belgian cafe Some nice people whose names I have forgotten (as ever)
But Rich, it looks soooo natural... Take two bottles into the shower?  I think you might have to this time!



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