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Japan Diary (Part 1)

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As part of Herr Vogts plan to play every team on the planet, a Scotland squad set off for the Far East in May 2002 to provide cannon-fodder for teams that had actually made it to the World Cup. Due to a quirk of Paul's holiday allowance (he has to take a 2 week block) and some savings that had been intended for a WC trip had we qualified, Paul and Helen set out for Korea and Hong Kong.


  Korea Diary Korea Diary - A blow-by-blow, dog-by-dog account of Paul and Helen's time in Korea... "FOUR DAYS THAT SHOOK MY BOWELS"  
  Korea Gallery 1 Korea Gallery 1 - Photos of the first night in Seoul and the 2 days in Busan (including the game)  
  Korea Gallery 2 Korea Gallery 2 - Photos of the last day in Seoul, including a pub crawl involving swords and cartoon characters.  
  Hong Kong Diary Hong Kong Diary - A very hazy, befuddled version of events that took place in a very hot and humid place.  
  The Hong Kong Chicken

The Hong Kong Chicken (& Other Stories) - To make up for our own lack of activity, here's some other tales of depravity

  Hong Kong Gallery 1 Hong Kong Gallery 1 - A few Saturday photos, and loads of the first game on the Monday. No, I don't know what happened to Sunday's either!  
  Hong Kong Gallery 2 Hong Kong Gallery 2 - Tuesday's and Thursday's (second game) photos  
  Hong Kong Gallery 3 Hong Kong Gallery 3 - Wednesday's legendary bus trip, and some architectural ones (if you like the sort of thing!)  
  Hong Kong Gallery 4 Hong Kong Gallery 4 - Photos of Drunk People from Ally's late nights out (whilst Paul was recuperating from the humidity)  
  Hong Kong Gallery 5 Hong Kong Gallery 5 - The Britney Files - 7 photos courtesy of Donny, including a priceless action shot of the chicken.  


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