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Photo Gallery: Latvia, September 2000

A dramatic sunset over the Daugava stadium The sun setting over the Under-21s match at the Daugava stadium in Riga. A right toilet Not the worst toilet I saw, but the only one I had the chance to photograph.  (Not that I go around photographing toilets, you understand)

Inside the Dublin pub, before the game The Dublin pub in Riga, on the morning of the game. Adam (NTA) looking knackered, and its only early! Adam (NTA) obscuring Clydebank Chris (and rightly so), with American Mike in the background.

Helen and Josie (NTA) chat about knitting and shopping! Helen and Josie in another Irish pub, talking about "women's things". Campbell (NTA) and the Klondaika barman Campbell (NTA) gets pally with the barman at the Klondaika, an underground pool bar that we stumbled across.

Just line 'em up Getting them in at the Klondaika. Inside the ground at half-time Paul and Helen at half-time, taken by a Polis man, I think.

One end of the ground The view down the pitch inside the Skonto stadium. The other end of the ground The other side of the ground.  Notice the blocks of flats in the distance.

NTA's Scott and Josie at half-time Some drunk tries the old "lie flat on my back and I'll see right up that lassies kilt" trick on Josie at half-time.


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