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Photo Gallery: Lithuania (& Latvia) 2003, Gallery 1

Gallery 1 (Riga) - Gallery 2 (Vilnius & U21s) - Gallery 3 (Kaunas, Match & Vilnius) - Gallery 4 (Riga, again)

Sunday 30th March 2003 (Heathrow & Riga)
It's a sign A topical sign in these turbulent times? NOT our plane Another sign, less funny.
Paul & Richie Richie, Paul and someone else, in Dickens. 2 Braveheart extras Paul and Helen, rugged up, in A La.
Helen and her poncho A La, from the toilets. A La on a Sunday night Chris and Helen, in A La again
Paul, Helen's poncho and his paunch Mexicano? Look's welcoming? The only indication that there's a bar here.
Monday 31st March 2003 (Riga & Bus Journey)
Riga over the river Riga castle from in front of the Radisson SAS hotel (on the bus tour) Riga over the river The church spires across the Daugava.
Riga over the river Another city panorama Cap'n Fishy Paul, complete with Sou'wester, on the river bank.
Fancy a swim? The Radisson SAS, complete with frozen lagoon A reminder of the recent past A remaining Soviet monument in a Riga residential district.
Helen in the snow Helen by the Freedom Monument in the snow Riga city centre The famous "Laima Clock" - meeting place for Rigans young and old
Big Chris, taken by Wee Chris Paul & Helen with Big Christopher, Riga's patron saint House of the Blackheads The dramatic facade of the House of the Blackheads - an old Hanseatic trade guild from the middle ages.
House of the Blackheads The Blackheads' door Helen The back of Helen
Two of Riga's premier attractions The ornate House of the Blackheads next to the stark Museum of Occupation Paul & Helen Helen and Paul in Tim McShanes for lunch
Baltic Express A train, Lativa-style (we had to wait 10 minutes at a level crossing for this!) The wheels on the bus Chris on the bus
Forest dwelling folk The Inverness Boys and Chris at the pit stop, just over the border



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