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Photo Gallery: Lithuania (& Latvia) 2003, Gallery 3

Gallery 1 (Riga) - Gallery 2 (Vilnius & U21s) - Gallery 3 (Kaunas, Match & Vilnius) - Gallery 4 (Riga, again)

Wednesday 2nd April (Kaunas & Match)
Move along the bus please Ally and Sue, at the back of the bus The Old Town square in Kaunas The church in Kaunas' old town square
The long and winding road (to where anyone else was) The Old Town's main thoroughfare (not very thorough, and not very fare!  Lithuanian cuisine, country and western style Waiting for lunch in the Wild West bar
The biggest preconct I have ever seen Walking down the precinct "Look after my son, will you, he's gay" Will Fae Swindon, fresh for his air-stewardess escapades (or lack of)
Gary Mc lets his hair down Good to see McAllister still follows the team Is this the shadowly "elite"? The London Boys in Metropole
Artour Artour in Metroploe Big Tom Small, showing no signs of being "tired and emotional" "Battlebus Commander" Tam Small - still going strong
Bearded Don Diggie Don with all-new beard Metropole from the street The scene of most of the crimes
We were only halfway up this street! The view even further down the never-ending main precinct to the Kremlin-esque cathedral 2-0?  How we laughed! A prophetic (almost) shop window display
Joan and Helen Joan from Dunfermline with Helen and Norrie in a back street cafe How the REAL elite travel The A-Team van
The pub's attic Upstairs in the pub by the ground I make it Pimms o'clock Only the finer things in life for the Fat Man
Helen, looking like a refugee Bert, Suzanne, Helen and Mike inside the ground Do you know "hey baby"? The brass band strike up a tune as the Tartan Army gets grooving
Inside the ground The view from the stadium concourse Inside the ground The Scottish section
Industrial waste containers The outstanding UEFA-approved toilet facilities Al fresco relief The standing-out UEFA and Police unapproved toilet facilities 
Inside the ground The pitch under the lights Seaman on Helen's shoulder?  No - just a fishy coat! Helen, wrapped up for warmth, and Paul, wrapped up for trawling, in the ground.
Inside the ground The "other side" Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 First half action
Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 More first half action Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 A little more action, in the first half
Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 The score board, dug outs and extensive media facilities He's a firestarter... yes, we know Like a phoenix from the flames, Geordie rises out of the crowd in front
Don't fancy yours much Mickey and his bird Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 Atmospheric stadium shot
Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 Second half action
Lithuania 1, Scotland 0 Lithuania prepare to take the lead Free pies?  Where? The crush to leave at the end (from the comfort of the stand)
Chris "disco pants" Norton A clearly emotional Chris Norton - well, you would be crying too if you'd had to wear those trousers!
Thursday 3rd April 2003 (Vilnius)
Vilnius sightseeing Vilnius synagogue... Vilnius sightseeing ... and Anglican church
Vilnius sightseeing The Frank Zappa statue Vilnius sightseeing And a remaining statue from the Soviet era
Vilnius sightseeing A memorial close to the KGB museum Vilnius sightseeing Opposite the KGB museum
Vilnius sightseeing Milngavie Peter in the KGB museum
A friend for life Sumo and his friend Beering in the backstreets The Milngavie boys in "The Count's" pub
She was wearing fishnets and carpet slippers Davie with the barmaid Washing the glass Gary making a scene
I'm sure I'll get it with this zoom lens Sumo's attempts at a self-portrait Awright big man? Peter "Ned" Risk
Did you not want a double? Gary and his shot of vodka
Thoughtful conversation The Milngavie Boys (and girls) Look at that hair... it's real Rich, and Rich's hair
Haven't you got a funny shaped head? Chris (and Chris' chin) Feeding time The Milngavie Boys toast their steaks
Ducks Helen in the street outside the PUB, with some flying drunks In the Globe Bar Two Scots and a Welshman, in the Globe Bar
'El (&) Loco Ally (Livin' La Vida Loco) and Helen Getting crispier As my pus-filled blister gently weeps


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