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Photo Gallery: Lithuania (& Latvia) 2003, Gallery 2

Gallery 1 (Riga) - Gallery 2 (Vilnius & U21s) - Gallery 3 (Kaunas, Match & Vilnius) - Gallery 4 (Riga, again)

Monday 31st March 2003 (Vilnius)
Helen on leather Helen in the communist-themed Naktinis Vilkas You can see the cogs turning Ally - it's all going like clockwork
Paul and his old mates Joe, Paul and Vladimir Ilyich
A gruesome threesome "He's behind you" Susan fitting right in "If the cap fits..."
Oops, wrong trip Robert, Shannon, Wee Davie & Helen in The PUB Cheeky Davie in Ming the Merciless mode
Paul with the locals Paul with a Lithuanian and Sharron Davies wake up, I'm talking! Rich with the locals in Broadvejus
Tuesday 1st April 2003 (Vilnius & U21 Game)
On the dark side of the road... Helen, on the bright side of the street Sorry, I didn't see you there Paul - a beacon in a street of tranquility
A meeting of minds Richie, Colin, Susan and Helen The big white church Vilnius' eye catching cathedral and belltower
Spooky Helen outside the Stadium's "Antalya Bar" "For he's a miserable bastard..." Kevin, brightening the room with a smile, as ever
Kevin and friends Kevin with two pals from Austria (Harry - I'm really sorry I got that wrong first-time!) Lithuania U21s 1, Scotland 0 The Zalgiris stadium (from the other side as our last visit)
Lithuania U21s 1, Scotland 0 The crowd at the U21 game Lithuania U21s 1, Scotland 0 The pitch in shadow
Soviet architecture at it's dreariest - Bill Barr take note! Typical soviet stadia architecture I told you it wouldn't take your weight! The Walford casuals show their disgust by ripping out seats
Lithuania U21s 1, Scotland 0 Another stadium shot balt 144.jpg (102058 bytes) The Lithuanian Ultras
Suggs, fresh off the night boat Suggs looks on as Grant and Jenny share a moment of tenderness Norton's tongue Buenos and some of the Nottingham boys
Lithuania U21s 1, Scotland 0 Another Scotland attack foiled in the second half There's boy in Lithuania swears he's Elvis Helen, Peter and Stephen Pressley
Gavin & Dave Gavin and Dave in Busi Trecias, where Paul drank the pink beer Drunk and Drunker Paul and a drunk Lithunian in Box, the rockers bar (just after the 75% ABV mead was consumed)
Cary & Helen Helen and Cary in Brodvejus Arty shot of Brodvejus The scene on the dance floor
Can I stroke your fluffy helmet? Adam impresses a local Sniff it Paul's oozing left foot
I love the smell of rotting flesh in the evening Paul's seeping right foot


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