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  1. Objectives of the Association
  2. Membership and Annual Subscriptions
  3. General Meetings
  4. Annual General Meetings
  5. Extraordinary General Meetings
  6. Notice of Meetings
  7. Officers of the Association
  8. Casual Vacancies
  9. Association Committee
  10. Banking and Accounts
  11. Winding-up
  12. Records


This association shall be known as “Worthing Football Club Supporters Association” (hereinafter referred to as “WFCSA”)

Objectives of WFCSA – The objectives of the WFCSA are:

  • to support, promote and foster interest in Worthing Football Club Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Football Club”) to assist the Football Club to achieve the highest possible standard of football for the town of Worthing
  • to raise funds in order to finance or partly finance projects agreed by WFCSA with the Directors of the Football Club aimed at improving facilities for supporters in the ground and clubhouses or to provide the Football Club with items of equipment.
  • to forge a close relationship with the Football Club in order that the views of WFCSA are fully taken into account in the general decision making of the Football Club.

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Membership and Annual Subscriptions - Membership to the WFCSA shall be available to any person following the completion of an application form and the payment of an application fee.

Concession membership rate shall be available for members under 16 years of age. Such member will be entitled to all benefits of membership with the exception of voting rights.

Membership to the WFCSA will entitle that person to a membership card, discounts on selected merchandise sold by the WFCSA and reduced fees at events held by the WFCSA. 

Membership to the WFCSA shall run for the period of 1 year from the 1st July of that year to the 30th June the following year.

Membership fees shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting

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General Meetings - WFCSA may call such meetings for the purpose of seeking guidance, disclosing information or hearing guest speakers on matters of general interest to WFCSA. No changes to the constitution of WGCSA shall be made at these meetings.

These meetings shall be open to all members. Any matters put to a vote will be decided by a show of hands or, at the discretion of WFCSA Chairman, by secret ballot. In the event of a tie the Chairman will have the casting vote.

Notice of the date, time, venue and proposed business of General Meetings shall be publicised to all members by WFCSA Secretary. Notice of such meetings will be given as soon as practicable.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) - This shall be held in April or May of each year.

At this meeting the officers appointed by WFCSA shall present reports. A set of accounts to 31st March of that year shall be made available to members. 

At this meeting all officers and committee members of the WFCSA must retire. 

Election of Officers and committee members for the following year shall take place during the AGM. Election of all post shall be, where contested, by a series of secret ballots which eliminate the candidate with the fewest votes on each occasion.

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Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) – An EGM shall be arranged upon a written request, to the secretary, signed by not less than six members. The request shall declare the business to be discussed. The secretary shall verify the validity of the request and acknowledge its receipt in writing. An E.G.M. shall be held not more than 21 days after the verification of the request.

At least one fifth of the membership must be present within 15 minutes of the advertised start time of the meeting to form a quorum. If such a quorum exists no other business other than that declared may be discussed and voted upon.

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Notice of Meetings – Notice of the date, time, venue and business of all meetings, whether general, AGM, or EGM, shall be advertised on the WFCSA notice board in good time before the meeting. Leaflets giving those details shall also be made available

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Appointed Officers - The officers of WFCSA shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Social Convenor. They shall be responsible for the proper, efficient and lawful running of WFCSA. Any member of the WFCSA is able to stand for the position of an officer with the exception of non-voting members and directors of the football club.

  • The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of WFCSA and the Committee.
  • The Vice-Chairman shall advise and assist the Chairman and shall act as Chairman in his or her absence.
  • The Secretary/Membership Secretary shall be responsible for dealing with the general correspondence of WFCSA and shall keep copies of such correspondence. He or she will attend all meetings of WFCSA and Committee and take minutes. In the absence of the Secretary from meetings another member of the Committee shall take minutes. He or she shall be responsible for maintaining membership records and dealing with related correspondence. He or she shall provide an up to date membership report at Committee meetings.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of WFCSA and shall provide an up to date statement of them at all Committee meetings. He or she shall keep accurate records of all transactions.
  • The Social Convenor shall be responsible for the organising of social and fundraising events for WFCSA. He or she will plan and implement the events agreed upon by the Committee, and will ensure all invoices are promptly passed to the Treasurer for prompt settlement.

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Casual Vacancies - If a vacancy occurs in the post of Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall become Chairman. Any other vacancy among the Officers shall be filled by one of the elected members of the Committee.

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Association Committee – The day to day running of WFCSA shall be managed by a committee comprising of the five officers and up to ten members elected to the committee. This shall be done in a manner consistent with its constitution and resolutions passed at AGM’s and EGM’s.

The committee shall meet as and when necessary, or at the request made to the Secretary by at least 2 committee members. The reason for the request and the business to be discussed shall be declared to the Secretary.

Any member of WFCSA, or other person invited by the Committee may attend and speak at the meeting but only a committee member may vote.

The Committee may appoint sub-committees from amongst its members and may co-opt other club members to such sub-committees for any purpose on the majority vote of the committee. Minutes of sub-committee meetings shall be kept and reported to the Committee.

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Banking and Accounts - WFCSA shall hold at least one Bank or Building Society Account. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two of the signatories on the account. Signatories of the account will consist of the Treasurer, the Chairman and the Vice-chairman of WFCSA. All payments from the WFCSA must be authorised by a majority vote of the committee.

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Winding-up - WFCSA may only be wound up at an A.G.M. or E.G.M by a vote of at least three quarters of those present who are eligible to vote. No subscriptions will be re-paid. Any funds or assets remaining after the settlement of any debts shall be given to a charity, amateur sports club or similar body as decided at the meeting.

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Records – Any member may examine the record of the WFCAS upon request to the Secretary. No other person shall have such a right. 

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This site is maintained by Paul Allison for WFCSA. The web-space has been kindly donated by Netley Abbey Tartan Army, of which Paul is a founder member.