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MINI-UPDATE (Part II): Tues 30th September 2008

Sharon to the rescue with her long-awaited questionnaire! There's also been a wee update to Paul's Fortuna website. See you in October!

MINI-UPDATE (Part I): Sun 28th September 2008

Just a quickie this month - the gallery from 2 nights in Iceland and a whole bevvy of new quotes. Why no Macedonia photos? Well, for starters I took over 500 and these need cutting down, and I've just not had the time.

Circumstances dictated just one weekend at home in what's been a hectic month, however I'll have a stab at getting some more stuff on next week.

So, back to the football... a mixed start for Scotland saw a solid win in Iceland preceded by a shambles on and off the pitch in Skopje. A fantastic country (particularly for food), political jiggery-pokery meant thousands of Scotland fans were left locked-out of a half-full stadium. Thankfully everyone took it in their stride, but I do feel sorry for the guys who didn't make it and hope it didn't put too much of a downer on the trip.

Hope to be back with a further wee update before Norway, but we'll see...

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Meet Sharon

It's taken her a few weeks (er, months even...), after she told me she had problems remembering the dates of her first games (men never forget these things!), but here it is - your chance to get to know NATA's shortest member a little better ...more

NEW: Iceland Gallery

A flying visit, but here are Paul and Helen's photos from Iceland. We'll have links to other NATA members' galleries shortly, but expect loads of rocks (due to our geogology correspondents) ...more


If there is one thing the recent double-header was good for, it was quotes. Hundreds, well 28, of them have made the final cut and are now online for your delight and delectation ...more


So why does it always take so long to update NATA Online? A quick glance at Paul's "other" website will give you a clue - he's always in Germany! ...more

EDITORIAL: Sun 31st August 2008

Another month end, another mad rush to get an update, and another rabbit pulled out of the hat by the skin or our teeth (nothing like a mixed metaphor...)

Special thanks to NATA's on-loand member Kenny Hamilton for taking the time to do a very illuminating questionnaire. We can also introduce the rest of the NATA squad for the upcoming qualifiers in a Sky Sports styleee.

As promised last month, and believed by nobody given how this usually works, we can bring you the next chapter of our popular Look-alikes series (and thanks to all who have contributed ideas and photos, even those that haven't made it yet). We also have a look back at our last trip to Iceland, as well as some of my "holiday snaps" at Fortuna matches.

There's another mention of the Tartan Army Childrens Charity - remember that even if you read this too late to donate towards the Tartan Skopje appeal, the monthly lottery will continue, and you can sign-up online in minutes.

So, happy surfing (and travelling) for the next month, and I'll be back with an update soon after the Macedonia and Iceland trips. If you're going, enjoy; if not, enjoy it on the telly - see you all in September!

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Look-alikes Gallery #18

As promised, here's the second instalment within two months. Another 12 look-alikes, including some of the usual suspects ...more

NEW: NATA Announce Squad For 2010 Qualifiers

It's that time again - here's an updated "Meet NATA" ahead of the World Cup campaign ...more

NEW: Meet NATA - Kenny's Questionnaire

And if you want to get to know one of our members (well, loan member at least) a little more initmately, why not read about how much Kenny is looking forward to Oslo next year? ...more

NEW: Non-TA German Galleries

Whilst waiting for Scotland's campaign to kick-off, Paul has been over for a couple of Fortuna games - away to Burghausen and home to Unterhaching (photos on Paul's own website).

LOOK BACK: Iceland 2002 Photos & Diary

Finally, if you're heading off to Reykjavik next week, why not reminisce about our last visit in 2002, which saw Berti Vogts' team claim a decent 2-0 win. We have both words and pictures.

STOP PRESS: Sun 3rd August 2008

As promised, here's the loooonnnngggg awaited Lookalikes Gallery, with 12 new lookalikes. And there's more to come soon, but please remember to let me know if any TA lookalikes you spot on tour in the meantime!

EDITORIAL: Wed 30th July 2008

The new qualifying campaign is drawing ever closer, and we even have a warm-up game to look forward to in the shape of Northern Ireland next month. Not that it's drawing the crowds in - this could be the first game for many years without a single NATA member in attendance! A combination of school-holiday timing, unattractive opposition, illogical ticketing policies (one per SSC member!?) and daft pricing (in the face of a credit crunch) have all conspired to keep ticket sales down - here's hoping these pick up in the next three weeks!

Anyway, enough doom and gloom - we bring you a mixed bag this month: photos of drunk people on a boat (and some sights); NATA's own Victor Meldrew on what he dislikes and dislikes; a pub-by-pub guide to the best city in Germany; and a smattering of quotes from the Prague trip. Where's the look-alikes I've been promising for the past six months or so? Almost here, honest - in the next few days, gallery number 17 will be here!

So, with all this on offer, have we peaked too soon? Is there anything left in the tank for the next month or two? Fear not, I plan a veritable blitz on look-alikes, plus an updated Prague guide, the NATA squad for the qualifiers (not much in the way of surprises) and Sharon has promised me, only today, that she'll pull a questionnaire out of the hat in time for the next update.

Until then, enjoy the summer, enjoy the Northern Ireland game (whether you're going, or just watching it on the telly like me) and enjoy the anticipation of a new campaign!

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Look-alikes Gallery #17

It's been a while, but it's here at last! Twelve new look-alikes, including NATA's own Ally, Helen and Bruce, as well as several Loony Alba members. And there's more to come soon (promise!) ...more

NEW: Loony Alba Boat Trip Photos

Another summer, another drunken boat trip on the Thames courtesy of Loony Alba. 62 photos of the below-deck drinking and some of the sights are now online ...more

NEW: Meet NATA - Ally's Questionnaire

After much cajoling and pleading, it's Ally to the rescue with the first NATA Questionnaire in 11 months! Sharon's promised one for August, but for now read about Ally's likes and dislikes as the elder statesman of NATA ...more

UPDATED: Düsseldorf PDF Guide

A new season, a new guide. Now clocking in at 7 pages, our guide to Düsseldorf has even more pubs and the lowdown on the best places to eat and drink in Germany's premier party city.... Download here

NATA Suppports the TA Childrens Charity

TACC Lottery - Now Online! For only £5 per month help the TACC support disadvantaged children in Scotland and abroad, and have an opportunity to win a cash prize! More details (external website)


Only four quotes from Prague, but they're not too shabby ...more

EDITORIAL: Mon 30th June 2008

It's been a while since a proper update, and despite my best endeavours, this one still falls a little short of what I'd hoped to unleash on an unsuspecting public. Notwithstanding exams (last Tuesday), network problems (next weekend's chore) and a laptop on a go-slow, at least we do have some new Tartan Army related content to bring you for the first time in a while...

Following on from the excellent trip, and not-so-excellent performance (let's face it, it was the definition of a meaningless end-of -season game for Scotland!), we have a photo gallery AND a diary account of the trip. Unfortunately, "technical difficulties" have limited the number of photos, as a corrupted memory card kicked in right before the match, although everything from the Monday night right up to the Friday lunchtime remained unscathed.

To go a little way to making up for that, there is an additional Prague gallery on my own "scrapbook" website from the second week I spent there in mid-June, as well as some other snaps.

With the exam out of the way, and no more football on the telly to distract me for a wee while, the next update will most definitely 100% contain a new look-alikes gallery, and a few more morsels besides, so keep 'em peeled.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Czech Gallery

Not the full story, unfortunately, as a corrupted memory card means no photos of the match or the afternath. Nonetheless, there's still around 100 snaps to give you an idea of what we got up to ...more

NEW: Czech Diary

A beer-by-beer account of 5 days in the Prague suburbs from Paul's perspective. This fills in the gaps that the camera failed to capture, and gives a flavour of Prague away from the stag parties and strip clubs ...more

UPDATED: website

Away from Tartan Army duty, one of Paul's "other" websites has been updated with photos from three home wins in the tail end of the season, although Fortuna narrowly missed out on promotion ...more

NEW: Non-Tartan Army Photos

And finally, here are the full photos from trips to Düsseldorf in April, early May and late May, as well as the second (non-Scotland) week in Prague in June.

STOP PRESS: Sun 25th May 2008

Just a quick to say there won't be a proper update this month - sorry! Just been too busy with travel (away to Prague tomorrow) and studying for a work exam. We will be back in June - promise!

EDITORIAL: Mon 28th April 2008

Another month, another struggle to get an update out on time! Still, here we are again, even if it is another brief one...

A trip to Brussels at the start of the month has provided a raft of new quotes and some juicy photos. There's also a chance to gen up on travel tips and pubs for the Prague trip at the end of May, as well as a look back on our last game in the Czech Republic in June 1999, when a very big man came on and turned the game in the Czech's favour.

So where is the Look-alike gallery I promised? Well, it's almost ready, but a combination of things has, as ever, stopped me from putting the finishing touches to it. However, with the battering the pound is taking against the euro has curtailed at least one trip to Germany in May, and promises to keep me at home for most of the summer, so plenty of time for updates then! We will be back in May, although I'm not quite sure with what just yet! Stay tuned...

Cheers, Paul


Brussels was a fertile breeding ground for new quotes, with another nine added to the record of note... more

NEW: Brussels Drinking Trip Gallery

April brought about another NATA-centric drinking trip, this time to Brussels. See the photos on Paul's scrapbook site... more

EDITORIAL: Sun 30th March 2008

Another skin of the teeth update, but such is the timing of Scotland games! As for the next 2 months, I can already predict with uncanny accuracy when these will take place, given how busy I am over the coming months (and with an exam to study for as well...)

Anyway, for now, feast your eyes on the Croatia Game gallery, plus NATA-centric football (and beer) trips to Düsseldorf and Southampton. We've also updated the ever-popular Quotes section (don't worry Tam - the Look-alikes will be updated next month!), and given the much awaited announcement of friendly matches, the Travel Details page has also been brought up to date. The Czech game has also allowed us to re-time our countdown below.

It's going to be another full month before the next update. In addition to a new Look-alikes Gallery, we also hope to have some more snaps, and maybe (just maybe) some material from someone other than me. Enjoy for now and tune back in next month...

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Croatia Gallery

Thirty snaps from last week's decent draw against the Croatians are online already in what must be some kind of record for a NATA update! ...more


Five new quotes worthy of immortalisation on the NATA Quotes Page saw the light of day last Wednesday as well ...more

UPDATED: Travel Details

Not one but two friendly matches were announced on Easter Monday, which was handy.... Nonetheless, the Czech away game and the Northern Ireland home match have allowed us to bring the Travel Details page up to date ...more

NEW: Southampton & Düsseldorf Galleries

Unusually for Paul's "personal collection", both of these galleries from March's travels feature a significant number of NATA members, firstly on a Stag/Hen Trip Revival weekend in Düsseldorf, and then on Paul's annual pilgrimage to his Saints roots

EDITORIAL: Weds 27th February 2008

Now the excitement of George Burley's appointment as new manager has died down, as well as most of the knee-jerk reaction to his assistant Terry Butcher's appointment, it's down to "business as usual" at home to Croatia at the end of March. We can help you get in the mood for the game by reminiscing about the two draws we played out in the 2002 qualifying campaign by looking at our (now very dated!) galleries.

Still on the reminiscing vibe, we've published the Georgia trip account to bring the diary section bang up to date. There's also some more Düsseldorf photos from my most recent trip to see Fortuna (on my own website).

Finally, many thanks to Loony Alba Chairman Kevin Donnelly (Keith to his friends), who has weighed in with a comprehensive eating guide to the St Catherine fish restaurant district in Brussels.

We'll be back in late March with snaps from the Croatia home game and anything else we can rustle up.

Cheers, Paul

NEW: Georgia Diary

Bringing the diary part back up to date, here's Paul's opus on the lengthiest trip of 2007, taking in Glasgow, Tbilisi and Munich. It could be a long wait for the next one ...more

NEW: Brussels Restaurant Guide (Part 1)

Thanks to Loony Alba's roaming gastronom, Kevin "Disco Keith" Donnelly, NATA can bring you his blow-by-blow, lobster-canape-by-braised-tripe account of the eateries of St Catherine ...more

NEW: Düsseldorf Gallery

Holiday snaps time again, but there are some good ones here, honest! Photos from Fortuna's stunning 2-0 win against then league-leaders Wuppertal, plus some good skyline and riverside shots ...more

EDITORIAL: Sunday 20th January 2008

As promised, we're back with our second update of 2008, with another diary account - France this time - to add to the story of the Faroes added at the start of the month.

We've also embarked on a new venture for NATA Online - downloadable wallpapers. I'm well aware that most people customise their own desktop backgrounds with their own designs, however the caledar version has served me well for the past two years and I felt it wouldn't do any harm to make it available to a wider audience.

A word about this month's other update - the fixtures and Travel Plans. Since originally publishing our plans on the 1st January, FIFA have now come out and said there could be some "small changes" to the Group 9 game plan. Here's hoping 2008's fixtures, which many of us have already booked for, remain unchanged!

We'll be back in February with the Georgia diary, along with some other things that I haven't thought of yet. Until then, have a good one!

Have a good Burns Night! Paul

NEW: Wallpapers

New for 2008, we've done a set of downloadable wallpapers. Paul's been using a DIY version of the calendar type for years, as he's terrible with dates! ...more

NEW: France Diary

Relive the magic of our historic 1-0 win in the Parc des Princes with NATA's diary account of the event ...more

STOP PRESS: Tuesday 1st January 2008

Just a quick mention to say "Happy New Year", and a bonus update with the long-awaited Faroes Diary plus some travel news. There will be another update before the end of the month.

NEW: Faroes Diary

Just six months late, but here's the account of our day-trip to the Faroes on Air WESTA ...more

UPDATED: NATA Travel Plans

Details of our plans for the next qualifying campaign, and a full list of international dates for 2008-09 ...more

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