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September 2008



1. First home and away matches?  

First away was the infamous 5-0 gubbing in Paris. Stade de France was pretty cool, but walking up to my seat and seeing hundreds of blokes “forgetting” that they were wearing kilts wasn’t so nice!

First home match was Scotland v Sweden, November 1997 at Ibrox.

2. Best away trip?

Would have to be Tallinn. We got there by Baltic Ferry from Sweden, sailing down the fjords as the sun sets…and the most fantastic seafood buffet and pear cider on draft! Tallinn is a beautiful place too!

Valencia was lovely, and the unforgettable kilts and clingfilm will always make me smile! Absolutely loved Slovenia, want to go back there.

3. Best foreign stadium visited?

Although I didn’t really like Italy, the San Siro was pretty impressive. Also the Mestalla in Valencia – even though they should provide bottled oxygen when you get to the top deck!

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4. Best foreign pub/club visited?
Sokol in Ljubljana is up there, also liked the wee underground bar in Bratislava. Can’t remember the name… maybe Paul could fill in the blanks??? (Ed: It's called KGB, which stands for "Bratislava Beer-Guzzlers' Club, in Slovakian, obviously)  

5. Describe your usual match-day attire

Mini-kilt, tights, socks, boots, some form of Scotland t-shirt, occasionally pig-tails!


6. Is there anywhere you have seen Scotland play that you would like to go back to?
Valencia and Tallinn Back to top

7. Where have you have seen Scotland play that you would NOT like to return to?
Italy. Didn’t like the toilets, there is no excuse for squatters in the Western world.  

8. And where do you want to go to (but haven't yet)?

Don’t think Scotland will ever play in Hawaii...


9. Who's the best Scottish player that you have actually seen?
Would probably have to be James McFadden. Back to top

10. Who's the best opposing player you have actually seen?
Zinedine Zidane  

11. Favourite Scottish home and away kits of all time?
1982 – has to be! And I’m not biased because it’s the only shirt I have (the home one).  

12. And your least favourite?

The vomit looking one

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13. What is your favourite and least favourite Scotland chant/song?

Almost all of them are in the least favourite category, can’t actually think of one I like.


14. Which have been the highest and lowest points of supporting Scotland?

High has to be beating France, and the low has to be the 5-0 gubbing.


15. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on tour (that you're prepared to tell us about)?
Probably falling up a kerb in Saronno Back to top

16. Best and worst toilets visited on tour?

Best: top of the TV tower in Bratislava….room with a view!

Worst: most of the ones in Italy… my poor hips can’t cope with “squatters”!


17. Favourite domestic stadium?
Stenhousemuir, for the best lentil soup!! But for actual football, it would have to be Celtic Park, it’s a great stadium.

18. Best domestic match ever attended?

Merstham v Worthing - Merstham won 4-1, was brilliant watching it with Paul!!!

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19. Favourite chant/song heard at a domestic match?
It’s an old one, but the “D - i - Canio” song always got stuck in my head. Was fine for a while, then it really started to get annoying.  

20. Best domestic pub/club?
Probably the Lowlander in Drury Lane. One of the very few places I can drink beer – especially ones served in half a coconut!  

21. What are your pet hates?

Not as many as Bruce, but... people who put their feet on seat on the train, people who stop in doorways, people who have their ipods on so loud I can hear it when I have my ipod on and am wearing the headphones that actually go right into your ear canals, people who don’t signal when they are turning or changing lanes on the motorway and people who lack the common courtesy they were (hopefully!) born with.

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22. What makes you chuckle?

Most things - I have a very sick sense of humour!


23. Best night out ever on a TA trip? (aka the "Tuesday Night in Graz Award")
It’s difficult to pin down as most trips have a good night somewhere. I recently enjoyed the Friday night Bruce and I spent in Kafebarinn in Iceland, just watching all these Icelandic people dance about like mentalists, and see some poor drunk guys get heaved out the door and down about 5 steps in one smooth movement when he tried to light a cigarette. There was no warning, just a hand on the shoulder and a frantic reach by the said attempted smoker to grab his very expensive beer as he flew out the door! Next up to that would probably be the evening in Soronno, watching Paul sing karaoke, getting quite drunk and being led onto a bus by Helen after I fell up the kerb and into a wall while the “knife stramash” was developing. Classic!  

24. You're stranded on a remote island in the Hebrides. Before the ship went down you managed to salvage some belongings (to help you pass the time until you're rescued) including...

1 book? Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit (cheating I know as its 4 books, but who cares!).

1 magazine? In a “Have I got News for You” stylee, I’d try for a guest publication along the lines of “How to be Rescued from a Desert Island Monthly” type thing. Failing that, a National Geographic or New Scientist.

1 album? Probably something classical actually, maybe Holst’s Planet Suite.

1 film? I’d have to go for a classic like Jaws or American Werewolf in London… do I get to salvage an HD tv and a BluRay player as well, or am I assuming there is one already on this remote island, along with a power supply???

1 beer? Something Belgian, there’s too many to choose from!

1 spirit? Vodka, quite versatile.

And 1 famous member of the opposite sex? Nothing to do with looks, but it would have to be Ray Mears (Ed: Are you sure? Just picture Bruce with fair hair...) cause he could build me a house, furniture, and catch and cook me my dinner every day! Sorry, I have to be practical about these things!!!

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