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Meet NATA (updated Sept 2008)
James Ally Sharon Paul Bruce Rich Lynne Kenny Susan Chris Helen



Goalkeeper: James "Vodka Vodka" McCullough

Joined NATA: You’ll have to answer that one (Ed - Sept 2006 with first away trip)

Club Team: Brighton

Other Club Teams: Dumbarton, Rangers, Ajax

Scotland Home Debut: Scotland 1 Italy 1 (3rd September 2005)

Scotland Away Debut: Lithuania 1 Scotland 2 (6th September 2006)

Favourite drink: Today it’s Peroni, tomorrow it’ll probably some strange brew Paul’s found in Macedonia

Most looking forward to: Getting back to a Scotland game, and seeing the band back together

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Rightback: Sharon "Club Class" Hunter - read Sharon's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: ages ago

Club Team: Celtic

Other Club Teams: Morton and Merstham!

Scotland Home Debut: Scotland v Sweden, November 1997 at Ibrox

Scotland Away Debut: the 5-0 humping by France at the Stade de France

Favourite drink: vodka

Most looking forward to: Iceland! Let the geeky geologist in me out!

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Centreback: Ally "Potting Shed" Maciver - read Ally's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: 25/4/2001 Poland, Bydgoszcz

Club Team: Aberdeen

Other Club Teams: Part time Inverurie Locos, soft spot for Nottingham Forest

Scotland Home Debut: 13/10/82 Scotland 2 East Germany 0

Scotland Away Debut: 10/6/96 Holland 0 Scotland 0 (Birmingham, Euro96)

Favourite drink: (This month) Physics and Punk IPA, if you haven't already check out the Brewdog Brewery, its worth buying a bottle just to read the label.

Most looking forward to: Maggie Thatchers funeral, shame the bitch has gone doolally, of course we all knew she was doolally years ago when she sank a cruiser to save half a dozen sheep shaggers from learning a new language...

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Centreback: Paul "Happy Feet" Allison - read Paul's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: Founder member from 2000 (and was present at the meeting in Talinn in 1999 that agreed on the launch)

Club Team: Fortuna Düsseldorf

Other Club Teams: Worthing FC, Southampton

Scotland Home Debut: Scotland 2 Latvia 0, October 1997.

Scotland Away Debut: England 1 Scotland 0, May 1988.

Favourite drink: Schumacher Altbier.

Most looking forward to: The Macedonia trip, as it's somewhere new (and cheap).

In addition to running the NATA multi-media empire, Paul has his own (empty) website here.

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Leftback: Bruce "The Navigator" Cairns - read Bruce's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: I have no idea when I “joined” NATA. First met you at Denmark home game in 2002. Would probably say 2004 as that was the first few games where we started to meet on purpose rather than by accident! (Ed - I have no idea either!)

Club team: Albion Rovers

Diddy teams: Celtic, Merstham

Scotland Home Debut: Argentina 1990

Scotland Away Debut: Belgium (Brussels) 2001

Favourite Drink: Zubrowka and apple juice

Most looking forward to: Qualifying for any tournament finals. Or another trip to Japan.

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Rightwing: Richard "Because I'm Worth It" Ross - read Rich's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: Difficult to pinpoint an exact date (I never recieved a membership card) but Netherlands away in April 2000 was our first away trip as NATA.

Club Team: None. I supported Southampton for 21 years but the return of Rupert Lowe as Chairman was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Other Club Teams: I wouldn't neccessarily consider myself a supporter, after all, I don't contribute anything emotionally or financially, but I like to see Rangers do well.

Scotland Home Debut: 1-0 victory over Sweden at Ibrox in 1996.

Scotland Away Debut: 1-1 draw with Norway in Bordeaux during World Cup '98

Favourite drink: Becks.

Most looking forward to: Macedonia (away).

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Centre Midfield: Lynne "Sensible" Popley

Joined NATA: Sept 2006

Club Team: Brighton

Scotland Home Debut: Scotland 1 Italy 1 (3rd September 2005)

Scotland Away Debut: Lithuania 1 Scotland 2 (6th September 2006)

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Centre Midfield: Kenny "Soft Furnishings" Hamilton (On Loan from WESTA) - read Kenny's questionnaire HERE

Joined NATA: Freed by WESTA 2007

Club Team: The Teddy Bears, Residents of Castle Greyskull, the Huns, The Rangers, the pariahs of the SPL

Other Club Teams: Bayon Wanderers (Div 2 Cambodia), Sparta KRC (Czech Republic)

Scotland Home Debut: Northern Ireland 1978

Scotland Away Debut: Northern Ireland 1981

Favourite drink: Double expresso

Most looking forward to: Someone else's round in Reykjavik

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Extremely Left Wing: Susan "Quiche" Maciver

Joined NATA: 25th April 2001 in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Club Team: Aberdeen

Other Club Teams: None

Scotland Home Debut: 1985 - Scotland 0 East Germany 0

Scotland Away Debut: 10th June 1996 - Holland 0 Scotland 0 (Birmingham, Euro96)

Favourite drink: Don't have one

Most looking forward to: Nothing in particular (Ed: that's the spirit!)

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Striker: Chris "Chico" Thomas

Joined NATA: 1999

Club Team: Rangers

Other Club Teams: none

Scotland Home Debut: Cyprus 1989 (I think!)

Scotland Away Debut: Czech Republic 1999

Favourite drink: fresh Scottish tap water

Most looking forward to: making money

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Striker: Helen "Lenny" Allison

Joined NATA: Was at the foundation meeting in Estonia in 1999, fully a member since the Croatia trip in 2000.

Club Team: Worthing FC

Other Club Teams: Bristol City, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Middlesbrough

Scotland Home Debut: Scotland 3 Estonia 2 (October 1998)

Scotland Away Debut: Lithuania 0 Scotland 0 (September 1998)

Favourite drink: Lager, preferably Czech

Most looking forward to: Macedonia away. Then another draw, so I can get to some new places again!

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