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Miscellaneous Photos

Scotland v England, November 1999
Breathe in, for goodness sake! This photo was taken at a party at Martin's house in Milngavie, the night before the game.  This is the shirt that Kenny Dalglish wore against Holland in the 3-2 match.  Kenny must have been a right skinny bastard! Flying the flag in George Square Paul and American Dave in Glasgow's George Square on the way to the pub.
The usual suspects in their usual spot Taken by Helen in The Scotia just after 11am.  L-R: Paul, David, Allan, Dave, Rich, Brian and Martin (Inverness, not Milngavie). Hampden in the sun Hampden Park in the sun, whilst the score was still 0-0.
England v Scotland, November 1999
David, Alasdair and Paul on the train to Wembley 9.30am, Brighton - London express.  Not a lot of photos were taken this day. Wembley, through the alcohol haze The best of a really bad lot, and I still couldn't manage to keep it straight.
Scotland v Belgium, March 2001
The best bus driver in the world The best bus driver in the world - using Paul's mobile to tell Chris where to meet us outside Hampden. The view from the posh bastards stand The team's lining up before kick-off (courtesy of Fern - again, the rest of us were in no fit state to operate a camera).
Helen and Fern after the match Helen and Fern upstairs in O'Henry's (opposite The Horseshoe Bar). Wee Fern with Paul and Rich Paul, Fern and Rich, somewhere in Glasgow.
Dance Fat Man, dance A fat man, dancing?  Surely not. The squad at The Brewhouse These two were taken in a thoroughly weird pub on Union Street (we think it was called The Brewhouse).  Note that the kitty bag is still round Allan's neck (one of the last reported sightings).
Smile, Rich

Scotland v San Marino, March 2001

The best pub in Glasgow Our beloved Scotia Bar, home to most of our pre-match misdemeanours. Famed for its banjos Its in Stockwell Street, opposite Slaters and behind the St Enoch centre - but keep to yourselves, as we don't want it to get out of hand.
Some Notts Scots and Helen Helen with four of the Nottingham Tartan Army at Central Station on the way to the southside. Paul with an ex-Netley resident In Pandora's Bar with Jim of EASTA - he used to work in Netley Abbey!
ATAC Ladies Penalty Shoot-out, Perth, June 2002 (all photos courtesy of Scott Kelly)
Helen in the Perth 7's Ladies shootout (for Loony Alba) Helen in the Perth 7's Ladies shootout (for Loony Alba)
Helen in the Perth 7's Ladies shootout (for Loony Alba) Helen in the Perth 7's Ladies shootout (for Loony Alba)

Helen and Sue before the shootout

These photos are all taken from the ATAC Perth 7-a-side tournament, where Helen (Loony Alba) and Susan (NOSTA) where among th e7 contestants in the Ladies Penalty Shootout competition.

Helen with her trophy

Helen scored 2 of 5 penalties to win, with two going narrowly wide and one well-saved.  

Susan scored 1 and hit the woodwork a couple of times to narrowly miss out.

Helen and Loony Alba with trophy

At the party afterwards in the Jeanfield Social Club.  Ally M was also joint "Man of the Tournament" for NOSTA (not pictured)

Helen and Loony Alba with trophy

For more info, check out the ATAC and Loony Alba websites. 

Scotland v Denmark, October 2002

Quick lads, tuck in before Campbell has it! The Notts Scots at breakfast time in the Iron Horse. Where the sun doesn't shine Helen and Jason (from Brighton, now Edinburgh) at the back of the pub.
Looking good there, Rich, looking good Some of the Notts Scots, and Rich looking goooood, in Fat Boabs NATA's own Paul Weller-a-like Helen & Jason (again!)
Yes, we get the message Paul, hiding his bulk with the Guinness-stained NATA flag The cockney couple The cockney couple we met in The Scotia and took to The Clutha with us.
Hampden, through the lens of a drunk Hampden for the game, pies in hand Ian & Marge, soon to be a-wandering Looking towards the very full East Stand (thank you Safeways!), with Ian & Marge in the foreground
Davie fostering Scots-Danish relations Wee Davie and Gary give a Danish couple a warm Milngavie Tartan Army welcome back in the Iron Horse. Nick talks turkey with the pizza guys Schneckie Nick, our Air Traffic Control correspondent, liasing with Iraqis in a pizza take-way post-Iron Horse

Other Photos

A pair of ambassadors

David and Allan admire the 1966 exhibit at Waterloo Station!

Spot the ars

Paul makes an Ars of himself in Barcelona.

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