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Photo Gallery: Germany, September 2003
Gallery 3

Gallery 1 (Hamburg, Sun & Mon) - Gallery 2 (Dortmund/Ahlen, Tues & Wed) - Gallery 3 (Munich, Thurs & Fri) - Gallery 4 (Munich, Sat)

Thursday 11th September 2003 - Munich

"Can we get one of these at home?" From posh baths in Dortmund to posh TVs in Munich Away from the madding crowds Drinking with Ally and Elaine, upstairs in the "world famous Hofbraühaus
Ally and Helen Ally and Helen The Hofbraühaus The decor and surrounds of the groundfloor beer hall
Contact has been made Is speaking to drunk, elderly Germans really a good idea  Big jugs? Let the caption write itself!
Sylvester the POW? Ally, ready to "Escape to Victory" Oh dear... I can tell what's going to happen next! Helen tries to act nonchalant
Gotcha Where are your hands, Hans?
Gonnae put her down? Who says subtlety comes with age? Target locked Yet more toilet humour, this time in the superb Landhaus
Like fairies in the forest Helen and Elaine, in the shade of a big tree, in the Landhaus bar.

Friday 12th September 2003 - Munich

Pink dress: Twin airbags fitted as standard Helen, an alluring advert, and the Grünwalder Stadion The girl with the plan Not much of a plan, is it?
The Grünwalder Stadion First glimpse of 1860's historic home - the Grünwalder Stadion The Grünwalder Stadion Behind the goal
The Grünwalder Stadion Across the pitch The press box at the Grünwalder Stadion And up above
It's a sign The entrance to 1860's training complex Through the... ? The perfectly manicured pitches
Sausages! Helen chows down on sausages in the bar at the training ground Paul at the tram stop Paul - on the right side of the tracks
We can park here!  I can see the lights The floodlights of the Grünwalder Stadion
A female deer? Doh!  A deer Oof! Sex Education for Rhinos
Frustrated? He's got the horn! Mmmm, smells good! Sh*t-eater!
Who nose? What an ugly b@stard!   Paul tucks in And again!  Feeding time, at the zoo (oh yeah!) - Paul eats his spinach noodles with glee
The poodles of the porcine world And another couple!
Fearless... intrepid... and too heavy for the bridge! Intrepid Indiana Allison fearlessly crosses the ravine Help yourselves, lads The goats help themselves to the food in the pram
I wouldn't know where to start!? Nipples on that! "Do you come here often, girls?" Hello ladies!
Teeth on that! The Janet Street Porter of the animal world Seperated at birth? Paul and his double


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