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We know that NATA Online has grown beyond all expectations, and can be a pretty daunting place to visit for the first time, so we've prepared a small "User Guide" to help you find your way around.  

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Who are we?

NATA stands for "Netley Abbey Tartan Army" - we're a group of Scotland football supporters with a connection (in some cases, a very tenuous one) to a small Hampshire village near Southampton. You can read more about NATA here, and there is a full guide to Netley Abbey here.

Who (or what) is the Tartan Army? Well that's a very tricky question, but can pretty much be answered by "anyone who supports the Scottish football team" - the Tartan Army is not exclusively Scottish. A more philosophical consideration of this question can be found on the old Tartan Army Home Pages.

This site is pretty much run by Paul Allison, one of the founder members of NATA.

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What's here

NATA Online aims to be more than just a standard Tartan Army site - the site is a mixture of diary and photo accounts of past Tartan Army trips, fun articles and time-wasting stuff, and detailed travel guides (specialising in pub recommendations).

If we're missing anything that you think we could benefit from, please email us and let us know.

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How to use this site

There is a standard "look and feel" to almost all pages within NATA Online. The top menu bar uses Flash to present an interactive site menu - the headline sections can also be reached by using the text links at the bottom of each page.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can use the Site Search function at the foot of most pages. Failing that, you can try the Site Map, as this lists almost all the pages on the site.

Internal navigation to other parts of the page can always be found on the left hand side, along with any other particularly relevant links. If you want to check out a link in a new browser window (so you can stay on the original page as well), simply hold down the shift key when clicking a link.

Updates go on usually every 3-4 weeks, but the easiest way to keep up-to-date is to sign-up for the Update Newsletter - this is issued every time we update, so you know when to come back to the site to see what's new.

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Where to start

NATA Online is pretty meaty these days, and it must be easy to feel a bit daunted when faced with all these pages. Unless you're happy to browse (and why not?), probably the best way to start is to ask yourself what you're looking for:

Looking to go to a home match? Check out the Hampden Guide and the Glasgow Pub Guide for an easy introduction to home matches at Hampden Park.

Looking to travel abroad? The Travel section contains a lot of useful info aimed at the discerning footsoldier on the road, whether with Scotland, or just on their holidays. From Travel Links, to Tips for getting there cheaply, through to a range of selected Mini Guides, this is the place to head for. There's also a list of all confirmed and rumoured Scotland internationals, along with our own travel plans, on the Travel Details page. You might want to check out Women Of The World, or Drunks Of The World, depending on your own priorities.

Looking to reminisce? The Memories section is where you ought to be heading, with sections for Diary accounts, and Photo Galleries for each trip.

Looking to find out more about the Tartan Army? Aside from general reading in Memories, you could check out the About NATA and Meet NATA pages, as well as heading for the TA Links to see other clubs' websites.

Looking to waste time when you should be working? Again, the Memories section is good for day-dreaming of happier times (i.e. drunk in some east European drinking den), but you might want to cast your eye over the Fun section as well.

Looking to have a laugh? Head for the Quotes page to read some of the pearls of wisdom, or write your next packing list after reading the Joy Of Talc. There's also Drunks and Women of the World sections.

Looking for ideas for your own Tartan Army website? Check out the Website Details page for tips and tricks, and details on what's worked and what's not. You can also check out the Web Archive to see what we used to have here, including an archived version of the old site.

Looking for tourist information about Netley Abbey? Well, you're in luck here, as the Netley Guide should be right up your street!

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If anyone does wish to use these images and would like express written consent to do so, please e-mail Paul Allison using via the contact page.
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