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Hampden Park info

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Arriving in Glasgow Accommodation Get a beer (opens new page) Hampden via bus Hampden via taxi Hampden on foot Hampden by train Hampden by train Hampden by train

For a "real" map, better go to MultiMap or something similar!

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Arriving in Glasgow

In all likelihood you will arrive in Glasgow at one of five points:

Glasgow Airport – catch the Airport Bus (every 10 minutes) to the City Centre. It’s much cheaper to buy a return.

Prestwick Airport – gone for the budget option, have you? Well, catch the train to Glasgow Central.

Glasgow Central Station – walk out of the station. You are in the city centre. Trains to Hampden leave from Central Station.

Glasgow Queen Street Station – As above. You are 10 minutes walk from Central Station (easiest, but not quickest, directions – exit Queen Street on George Square side, walk forwards keeping the square to your left down Queen Street, turn left at the end on to Argyle Street, Glasgow Central is basically that big railway bridge 500 yards away).

Buchanan Street Bus Station – about 200 yards north of Queen Street.

Come by car? If you’ve driven, I’ve absolutely no idea where to go or park! Sorry, but this guide is best suited to those arriving by bus, train or air. See the Official Hampden Park site for road directions.

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There are a few hotels and B&Bs near the ground, as well as various accommodation options in the City Centre.

Dunkeld Hotel - 10 Queens Drive, Tel 0141 424 0160, Website
5 mins from the ground (walking).

Hampden Guest House - , 133 Mount Annan Drive, Tel 0141-632-3801, Website
(facing the south stand and main door)

Kings Park Hotel - Mill Street (corner with Kings Park Avenue), Rutherglen, Tel 0141-647-5491
Straight along Kings Park Ave to Hampden 0.5 mile. Bus stop outside Hotel for public transport to City Centre.

You can also try the British hotel sites listed on the NATA Travel Links page.

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Getting to Hampden

Hampden Park is in the Mount Florida/Hampden area of Glasgow's "south side" (i.e. south of the River Clyde). There are regular trains and buses to this part of town, and it is possible to walk if pressed.

Check out the options below:

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Hampden is best reached by train from the city centre – just don’t leave it too late, as the crowds can be a killer. All trains leave from Central, and you have a choice of three stations:

Queens Park (situated between Victoria Road and Pollokshaws Road) – to get to Hampden leave via the Vicky Road exit (walk in the same direction as the train), turn left on Victoria Road, left at the end and follow the road as it bends and heads downhill, then follow the crowds across the park. At the other side of the park, bear left up to the cross-roads, then turn right onto Cathcart Road – Somerville Drive (for the North and East Stands) is second or third on your left, carry on for South and West Stand access. Allow for a 20 minute walk (more if in the South/East Stands)

In reality, Queens Park station is best used in conjunction with a pub visit to Victoria Road, as a closer option to the ground is...

Mount Florida, 2 stops on from Queens Park, is the closest station to Hampden. To get there, take the forward-facing exit and turn left – walk down the slight hill and you’re on Cathcart Road, Hampden will be visible in front of you. If you take the back exit, which is often closed on matchdays, you’ll end up opposite the park in the Queens Park directions, so just turn right, right again onto Cathcart Road and follow those directions. Allow for a 5 minute walk (more if in the East Stand).

Kings Park Station – a criminally neglected station at the far end of Hampden (the people who use it won’t appreciate me advertising it, but there you go!). This is still served from Central, but by less trains than the above two (thank the “Cathcart Circle for that). To get to Hampden, leave the station via the underpass, turn right in the tunnel, then left on the road outside – this leads onto Aikenhead Road. Turn right on Aikenhead and the entrance to the Hampden Car Park is around 600 yards up on the left. This station is best placed for those in the South or East stand. One other option, if looking to escape the crowds at Mount Florida, is to catch the train home from here (half-hourly is the downside). Allow for a 10-15 minute walk (extra if in North/West Stand).

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We used to swear by pre-ordered taxi, but have been let down on several occasions – as kick-off nears, the traffic on the southside worsens considerably (hence why train is best). Get numbers from pubs (get them to ring for one if you can), or get one from one of the many ranks around town, including both mainline stations.

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The only times we’ve experienced the bus have been by accident – usually when the taxis have let us down. Several buses “land” in the vicinity of the ground, but even though bus lanes can alleviate some of the problems, they are still subject to the horrific traffic jams that plague the rest of the area. Leave plenty of time, and don’t fall asleep and miss your stop.

According to the Official Hampden Site, buses 31 and 37 go to Cathcart Road from the City Centre every 20 minutes, whilst No 75 (or 75A) runs from Argyle Street to Aikenhead Road every 10 minutes during the day, and every 15 minutes at night.

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You can walk, and plenty do, but I really wouldn’t advise it. If you do choose this option, allow at least 45 minutes. The benefits are that you won’t have to wait in queues for the train, and that you’re not subject to traffic delays (and it’s free). The downside is that it is a very, very long and boring road - look up the route on MultiMap.

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