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Auf Deutsch?
Tut mir leid, aber ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch. Für jetzt, diese website ist nur auf Englisch.


More coming soon

Official F95 site - excellent, German-language only, official website

Fortuna Family - homepage of a very dedicated Fortuna-supporting family (who've travelled extensively supporting Germany, including games in Scotland)

SCD 2003 - Homepage of the Supporters Club Düsseldorf

Abseits Guide to German Soccer.- superb English-language guide to German club football

Wikipedia Entry for Fortuna - part of a suite of German football club entries on the all-knowing web encyclopedia

Sport Im Westen - WDR TV's sport magazine - usually has the Regionaliga goal highlights for all teams in the NRW area.

MaXxed Forums - often has highlights of BL3 matches (requires registration - thanks to Tancred for this one!)

Live-Ticker feeds (for following the game live)

F95.de Live Ticker - the club's official ticker, but can fail occasions!

Kicker.de - go to the division required (covers BL1-3), then click 'Live'

RP Online - local newspaper with a reliable feature-packed ticker
(thanks to Achim for this one!)


NATA Online - the Netley Abbey Tartan Army host this website (look at the URL address for a clue!)

A love one cannot explain