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This site is a real departure from my other designs, and goes against commonly accepted web design theory, but I had an idea for the design and I wanted to put it into practice and then "fill in the gaps". The site design was launched in March 2004, but much of the site has remained dormant as other things have taken priority (especially the up-keep of NATA Online).

The colour scheme is taken from the seven colours of the rainbow, and the topics were thought up at the same time - some are more generally relevant and useful than others (e.g. football, travel and photos). The favourites section was more a way for me to preserve my own bookmarks in a 'blog type way, and the me section is intended as a kind of scrapbook for anything I'd like to keep.

So, isn't it really vain to have a website named after yourself? Well, yes and no... it's a pretty logical thing for a budding web designer (even an amatuer one) to have, and after all, it's not really aimed as a public-facing site (although it is accessible to anyone who finds it). One of the key things about web design is to consider your audience, and as I don't really have an audience for this site, I feel I pretty much have free reign over the contents.

Finally, I guess all that's left to say is enjoy the site, and if you don't, then stop reading!


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