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  My family hail from Milngavie, just outside Glasgow. They’re “old” Milngavie, none of this nouveau riche, if you don’t mind – which basically means they’ve been there for years, since before it was posh. As a result, my Mum and Step-Dad, and my sister, now stay in Clydebank. Milngavie and Clydebank have a long association – Bankies were sent to Milngavie after the town was devastated by German wartime bombers, and Milngavie folk went to Clydebank to do their shopping. Ironically, this was the closest I ever got to New Kilbowie – being driven past by my shopaholic Granny on the way to a the Clyde Centre.

My first Clydebank game was pretty unspectacular – a game against Stenhousemuir at Cappielow, the Bankies second squat after the demolition of New Kilbowie. I can’t even remember the score, but I do remember that the crowd that night was less than the attendance at Borehamwood v Worthing, from where I was receiving text updates.

When the club was killed in distasteful circumstances, as a proud non-league fan, I felt compelled to lend my support, and I made sure I got hold of one of the Peru style shirts (one with “UCS” – United Clydebank Supporters” – emblazoned on the front). When it became clear that the club would return as a Junior Club, in the Central League structure, I made a vow to see as many games as I could.

Given my Worthing and Scotland commitments, I thought that may amount to one or two if I was lucky, however I ended up with a grand total of five in the first season – not great, but not bad for someone living 500 miles away - culminating in seeing the Championship game (see the photos here).

I'm looking forward to getting to as many games as possible in the 2004-05 season.

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