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  Woodside Road has been the home of Worthing FC since 1903. The ground has held up to 4,000 spectators in the past, but to be honest, half of that now would be a bit of a squeeze.  



Woodside Road: Theatre of dreams  
  This domain name was registered in January 2004 with a view to developing further in the future. In the meantime, why not check out these other sites devoted to Worthing FC:  

The excellent Worthing FC.com official site is one of the best outside the football league, and is maintained by Steve Wyatt and Al McKail.



The information-only WFCSA site is primarily to let supporters know about the activities of the Supporters Association. It is not updated very often, but then, it doesn't have to be.



This new (Jan 2004) Rebel Rebels webzine aims to be slightly more off-the-wall and takes a sideways view of life supporting the Rebels. It is also the way in to the Unofficial Forum,



The Woodside Road .co.uk site was last updated in February 2004. Further updates are not envisaged for quite some time, so please don't hold your breath!


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