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About NATA Shop

After many enquiries about our t-shirts, we've hooked up with a company called Print Shop to bring NATA's gems of t-shirt goodness to the masses. You can also choose from four great colour schemes (note that some images differ slightly depending on the t-shirt colour), and you can even add your own text to the front and back (at a small extra cost) to truly personalise your purchase.

It's a done to order job, which means we don't need to take risks on stock and can offer a much wider range, hence the slightly more "exclusive" pricing structure.

Please note that your contract is directly with Print Shop, not NATA, so please read the terms and conditions carefully! I've personally ordered twice and find the t-shirt quality to be excellent and the delivery very, very fast. NATA do receive a small commission (£1-£2 per item), and this goes towards club funds to help pay for things like badges, scarves and pennants.

Read a bit more about the products below, read the inside track on our images, or simply get shopping!

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  The Images  

Ally's design for Valencia 2004, and well received in the Native American theme bars of Levante!

NATA recommends: red t-shirt


A design classic, much copied and never bettered (much as we try!) - you've seen the TAMB avatar, now wear the t-shirt, available in two colour schemes.

NATA recommends: yellow print on black, or transparent print on navy


1970s Grandstand-chic. Grow your sideburns and wear this with your adidas sambas!

NATA recommends: classic white on a navy t-shirt.


Scotland all over the world. Reinforce the message that we are not just "North Britain"!

NATA recommends: navy t-shirt


A land of many languages, wear "Alba" on your shirt, along with many other names for oor bonnie wee land.

NATA recommends: black t-shirt or long-sleeved top.


Motto of the married Tartan Army!

NATA recommends: not wearing this in front of the wife.


Don't let people just assume!

NATA recommends: white on black or navy.


Patchwork saltire map up of tiny NATA badges.

NATA recommends:a nice cuppa.


Show your cuddly sensitive side with these cute seals.

NATA recommends: Original navy t-shirt


Just the job to wind up any budding Trots!

NATA recommends: red, of course!


Make friends and influence people with the ultimate TA wind up top!

NATA recommends: navy or white.


Wear an icon on your chest!

NATA recommends: Black t-shirt


Ever get sick of answering the "what's under the kilt" question? Wear this instead...

NATA recommends: a light dusting of talc, to stop the chaffing!


[Worthing FC] Remember Micky Edmonds and Alan Dovey? I don't either, but it doesn't stop me wearing this!

NATA recommends: Rebels Red


[Worthing FC] One word. No-one even need know what it really stands for. Wear it down the town and avoid abuse for supporting a non-league team!

NATA recommends: navy or black.


[Worthing FC] Everybody's favourite clip art cowboy, emblazoned across your chest like a cut-price Yosemite Sam.

NATA recommends: I'd leave it at a mug, if I were you!

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The products

This is your lot for now... but behave and you might get pants!

  • T-shirts - very high quality, heavyweight t-shirts in white, black, navy and dark red.
  • Skinny tops - same colours, smaller in size. For women, really.
  • Long-sleeved - like the t-shirts, but lighter and with longer sleeves.
  • Baseball tops - for those moments when you want to look like an American.
  • Mousemats - something for your pet rodent to kick back and relax on.
  • Mugs - any colour you like. As long as its white. Suitable for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cup-a-soup. You can even use if for special bew or cheap whisky, but that is a bit on the jakey side.

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