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After numerous requests from pals and strangers to recommend pubs, hotels, football grounds and so on, I've decided to pool all the information into a handy online repository here. Please bear in mind that I'm not trying to compete with any of the established sources of travel info - merely this is a collection of my own experiences, thoughts and suggestions. All opinions are purely those of the author (Paul Allison) and are not the view of NATA.

Please also bear in mind my Top Fives when deciding whether to take on board (or ignore) what I am saying! Happy travelling.

Austria - Well, Innsbruck at least. But it's a good 'un!
Belarus - Minsk, and a little bit of Brest.
Brussels Restauarants - many thanks to Disco Keith for his in-depth restaurant guide
Catalunya - Not much here, 'cept the addresses of three world-class pubs in Barcelona and a tint bit more
Czech Republic - A Prague bias, with features on Czech alcohol and Prague football stadiums, and a new section on Czech's second city, Brno
Prague Pub Guide - Compiled in January 2004, after 5 days of exhaustive research in the Czech capital,
Eastern Europe - The "other" bits of Eastern Europe that I don't have enough info about to make them into guides in their own right. Includes details of Gdansk, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Budapest.
Estonia - Now worth a mini guide in it's own right - this gives a tried and tested list of pubs in both Tallinn and Pärnu.
The Faroe Islands - A mini-guide to a mini-capital (Torshavn), with details of how to get there, and where to drink when you arrive.
Latvia & Lithuania - Guides to Riga, Jurmala, Vilnius and Kaunas, across the southetn two Baltic States.
The Low Countries - A tale of two cities (Brussels and Amsterdam)
Germany - A feast of German cities
Moldova - A guide to the pubs, clubs and potholes of Chisinau
Romania - A guide to the sights and bars of Bucharest, with some handy inside info.
Slovakia - A guide to Bratislava, one of Europe's undiscovered gems
Slovenia - A detailed guide to the pubs and sights of Ljubljana
Sweden - a brief guide to Stockholm
Turkey - A look at football and beer in Istanbul and Antalya.
United States of America - Well, just Washington DC, actually, but at least it's a start!
Wembley Stadium - a trip report on the first competitive game, with some (hopefully) handy tips!


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