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  Netley Guide: Intro  

Welcome to the "Rough-ish Guide to Netley Abbey", a semi-tongue-in-cheek look at the Hampshire village that lends it's name to the cult movement that is the Netley Abbey Tartan Army. (Please note that quite a lot of the information in this part of the site is now quite out-of-date!)


Netley Abbey is a small coastal village on the eastern boundary of Southampton (click here for a map of the region). It takes its name from an old Cistercian abbey, and was the site of a famous First World War hospital (Royal Victoria Hospital - now a country park). The village is also known widely as simply "Netley", and the "Abbey" suffix is usually employed to avoid any confusion with Netley Marsh, a different Hampshire village in the New Forest, across Southampton Water.

This guide has been created partly as a labour of love, and partly in response to the frequently asked question "Where the hell is Netley Abbey?". Whether the Netley Abbey Tartan Army can be single-handedly responsible for an explosion in the Netley tourist trade remains to be seen.

The Netley Abbey Tartan Army (NATA) was formed in 1999, and had been brewing for a while due to Paul and Rich meeting at school and sharing a common interest in football - for more on NATA, check out the NATA Online Homepage.

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Where is Netley Abbey anyway?

Netley Abbey is on the south coast of England...   ...right in the middle, just above the Isle of Wight...   ...and right between the Hampshire cities of Southampton and Portsmouth.


If you want proper maps of the locale, click here to access the zoomable Netley Abbey map, right down to street level.

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Guide Disclaimer

This guide is intended as a humorous, tongue in cheek, off the wall look at life in and around Netley.  It is not intended to offend anyone, particularly any past or present Netley residents.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information presented here is accurate and up-to-date, the Netley Abbey Tartan Army and the webmaster accept no liability if the information contained in here has changed.

If you have any queries or concerns over the content of this site, please e-mail Paul.

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Other Netley Resources

Here are some selected other web resources concentrating on Netley Abbey: An excellent, detailed and well-established site focussing on a wide range of Netley related information (currently inactive)
NetleyAbbey .com A new-ish local run community site
Any Village Netley Site One of a chain of village sites, but with little substance.

There are other sites that feature a certain aspect of Netley (e.g. hotels, restaurants, etc.) - where appropriate these have been referred to in the relevant section of the Guide.

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This part of the site has been written and designed by Paul Allison, with contributions and input from Richard Ross and The Wee Man.

If anyone wishes to contact the authors, whether with any complaints, suggestions, requests or general abuse, please contact Paul in the first instance.  And please be nice.

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