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Keeping an accurate record of all active Tartan Army websites is like trying to hit a moving target, so the information on this page is particularly sensitive to change. We have noticed a decreasing trend - in December 2009, 34 inactive links were removed (listed at the foot of this page), to be replaced by only 15 new ones. If you have a relevant website and are interested in a reciprocal link, please contact us with the details.

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Tartan Army Clubs
AACTA - Alloa & Clackmannanshire Tartan Army
Armadale Sons Of Wallace - Tartan Army based in Mid-Central Scotland
Ayr TA - "We Have A Dream", online home of the Ayr TA
Blackearnside TA - TA Club based in Newburgh, Fife
Bolton TA - Tartan Army club from NW England
Burst Balloons TA - Website from a diverse Tartan Army club
Castlemilk TA - The Sons of Scotland" Castlemilk TA
Chirnside TA - Borders-based TA
CODTA - Only the Fraserburgh offshoot remains online
CTA - Campbeltown Tartan Army
Cumbernauld TA - What's it called?
Dalgety Bay TA - A new Fife-based TA
Diego's TA - Inverness-based
Doonhamers TA - new website from the deep south
DUBTA - The fledgling Dublin Tartan Army
EASTA - East Of Scotland Tartan Army (Dundee and Fife area)
Easter Road TA - Can you guess which Edinburgh club these boys support?
EFTA - Eastern Front Tartan Army (Edinburgh & Fife area)
ETA - Edinburgh Tartan Army
Granite City Scots - Aberdeen-based TA
Innerleithen TA - New website from the Innerleithen lads
KTA - Kirkcaldy Tartan Army
KELTA - Kirkcaldy Exiles London Tartan Army
KOFTA - Kingdom of Fife TA (how many TA Clubs can one area have?)
LADTA - Linlithgow & District Tartan Army
Loony Alba - Lunnainn Albannaich (London)
Longforgan Tartan Army - A new Angus-based Tartan Army website
Lorimers TA - Bishopton-based supporters' club
Monkton TA - A new site from this Ayrshire Tartan Army
Nithsdale TA Sanquhar - Southern Scotland based club
NoITA - North of Italy Tartan Army (awaiting revamp)
NOSTA - North Of Scotland Tartan Army (Aberdeen area)
NYCTA - New York City Tartan Army
Oregon TA - Also present on Facebook
Overtown TA - Lanarkshire Tartan Army
Pineapple TA - Motherwell-based Tartan Army (previously known as the Steeltown TA)
Plean TA - TA club near Stirling
PTA - Perthshire Tartan Army
Rampant Lions TA - A Dundee based Tartan Army with two huge flags
Robert The Bruce SSC - New Dumfries-based website
Scotlandia - Mirza's new homepage for the Sarajevo TA
Shetland Islands Tartan Army - A new website from the Shetland Islands Tartan Army
Single Parents TA - Standing up for single parents in the Tartan Army!
The Sporran Legion - From West Lothian
SOATA - Sons of Alba Tartan Army
Sons of Scotland - The homepage of the Paisley Tartan Army
Swindon TA - The Swindon and South West of England Tartan Army (our next-nearest neighbours!)
Tartan Armies of North America - A hub for North American TA Clubs, hosted by NYCTA
Tartan Army de Paris - Based at The Pure Malt pub, Le Marais area
Tartan Army Down Under - New website from the Antipodean exiles
Turra TA - Aberdeenshire based club
Wee Midges Tartan Army - The Wee Midges Tartan Army (based at Ordnance Survey - Oxford/Southampton/Bournemouth/Airdrie and beyond) (link no longer works)
WEBATA - West End Bar Airdrie Tartan Army (link no longer works)
WESTA - West Of Scotland Tartan Army (HQ: The Iron Horse, West Nile St, Glasgow)
Yorkshire TA - Northern English based club
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Other Scotland Football Sites
ATAC - Association of Tartan Army Clubs
TACC - Tartan Army Childrens' Charity
TASA - Tatan Army Sunshine Appeal
Tartan - A new commerical venture being run by two TA regulars
The Tartan Army Home Pages - Scott Kelly's original (and dated!) Tartan Army Homepages
Tartan Army Message Board - The beating heart of the online Tartan Army
Tartan Army Online - A new hub page for the Tartan Army
Tartan Army Travels - New site focussing on upcoming destinations
Scottish FA - The official site
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Scottish Odds & Ends

C-ScOT - Support the campaign for a Scottish Olympic team
Daily Mash - British satirical website with a slightly Scottish bent
DotSCO - And whilst you're at it, why not register your support for a .sco top level domain?
First Foot - A humorous site, including a Craig Brown spoof
Football Heaven - A real gem of a football souvenir site, with an unrivalled badge collection. Well worth a visit.
Jaggy Thistle - Scottish humour blog
Leather Sporrans - a small Clydebank based company who manufacture a unique range of Celtic leather goods, including a clan crest sporran.
Legends of Sport - Purchase a t-shirt commemorating the 1967 Wembley victory.
Saltire Fashions - Support this brave new venture based in Aberdeen
Scotland Tees - New company selling Scottish-themed T-Shirts, including designs with Munros, Scottish Scenes, Slang, Football, Humour and custom styles.
Tartan Specials - website of the Tartan Specials band
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Netley Abbey Sites - A new-ish local-run community site for Netley
Netley - UK Village site - Apparently this is part of a chain of village homepages! Good for maps.
Netley - AnyVillage site - Another one of a chain of village-sites.
Royal Victoria Railway - The Royal Victoria Railway, running small gauge trains through Netley's own country park.
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Paul's Other Sites - English-language website for Fortuna Düsseldorf
Paul - Paul's own "scrapbook" website
Sussex Beer Festival - Largest CAMRA beer festival in Sussex, held each March
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Discontinued TA Club Websites

  As at the end of December 2009, the following 34 once-active TA club websites had disappeared into the ether:
  • 1320 Tartan Army (Arbroath)
  • ANZTA (Australia & New Zealand)
  • BELTA (Belgium)
  • Bishopton TA
  • Calgary TA
  • CODTA (Aberdeen branch)
  • Concrete Cows TA (Milton Keynes)
  • Crawford Tartan Army
  • Den Haag TA
  • DXTA (Divit Exiles)
  • Geez The Bounce (Kilmarnock)
  • GERTA (Germany)
  • Greenock Tartan Army
  • HBETA (Hebrides Bar, Edinburgh)
  • Highland Tartan Army
  • MENTA (Mainly Everyone's a Nutter)
  • North Germany TA
  • Norway TA
  • Notts Scotts
  • Pans TA
  • Portsmouth TA
  • Sir Archibald Douglas TA (Liverpool)
  • SCANTA (Scandinavia)
  • Scotia Tartan Army (Falkirk)
  • Sons of Macca (West Calder)
  • Sons of the Saltire (NE Scotland)
  • Tap Shop TA (Mid Calder)
  • Tartan Ayr Force
  • Tea Bag TA (Women's national team)
  • VATA (Vancouver)
  • ViTA (Virtual Tartan Army)
  • Wembley Wizards TA (South Lanarkshire)
  • William Wallace TA (South Glasgow)
  • Younger Generation TA (18-30 year olds)




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