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  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NATA ONLINE!!!  Join our celebration of NATA Online's five years on the world wide web with a look back at some of the highlights!  Don't worry - the old homepage will be back in a couple of weeks.

DON'T WORRY! The "retro look" is only for a couple of weeks, and normal service will be resumed shortly. If you can't wait until then, click here. NATA Online Retro Logo Countdown until the next exciting thing:

Sunday 15th January 2006

Happy Birthday to us! Five years after first hitting the internet, NATA Online is still here and bigger and better than ever before! I hope you like our retro-style homepage, but rest assured we'll not be going back to this colour scheme for good! In fact, you can even sneak an exclusive look at how we almost redesigned in mid-2005 by looking through our Five Years of NATA Online.

  • Five Years of NATA Online - Did you know NATA Online has been updated every 21 days on average? Or that there's over 3,500 pages on the site? Here's a look back at some of the quirks and curiosities of the past five years
  • Slovenia Diary - The missing link from last year has now been added - cast your mind back to our impressive, but ultimately hollow, hammering of the Slovenians in October. The NATA Diary covers a full 8 days, including probably the best brewery tour in the world
  • Belarus Guide - Thinking of Minsk? Then check out our new Belarus Mini Guide, complete with our Raving Reporter, Richard Ross, giving his lowdown on the club scene that the rest of NATA are just too tired and emotional to venture into
  • Lithuania Guide - Vilnius is fast becoming stag central, however we braved it in August last year and came away with four new pubs to tell you about. These have been added to the Vilnius section of the Baltic mini guide

Our next update is due in February - be sure to check back.

Cheers, Paul & NATA

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